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£250 - £850  National average range
£250 - £850



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How much do architectural services cost?

Nov 19, 2019

In the UK, the average cost an architect is £250 to £1000, though this can vary. The extent of the building project, timeline, and experience of the architect can all influence this price.

Architectural Costs

UK National Minimum Cost£250
UK National Maximum Cost£1000
UK National Average Cost£850
Average Range£250 - £1000

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What Does an Architect Do?

The process of designing new buildings and other structures, architectural design is a service that can only be provided by professionals. Each element needs to be carefully designed so the building can be built properly. After all, it needs to last, regardless of the weather and normal wear and tear on the structure! Working with an architect is an excellent way to ensure your building is planned out correctly and in accordance with local construction requirements.

Using a professional for architectural design means all of their knowledge and experience is applied to their project. From structural integrity to aesthetics, they will ensure the design is both functional and pleasing. When you work with a trained and qualification professional, you can trust their expertise for this critical stage.


Nearly any extensive building project will require the assistance of an architecture professional for assurance it will be done properly. Plus, they offer specialised services that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Tradespersons and other professionals involved in the actual building or maintenance aspects of the project need the architectural designer to do their part first.

Of course, you will want to be sure that you know what this help will cost before you get started. There are several factors that can influence the cost — from the type of services you are looking for to the pro’s own experience and qualifications. So read on for more information about what goes into a quote to understand exactly what your price means.

Purpose & Goals For Designs

By the time you start searching for an architectural designer, you should have a good idea of your project. This helps to find a professional with the expertise to assist you. If you are still considering the options forward, you may wish to request a consultation to evaluate what your next steps might be. 

For a renovation project, this may require an inspection to assess the current status of your property, even before the planning begins! Thankfully, an architecture expert can offer you all the help you need.

In later stages, their expertise will also be useful. Constructing a new building, for example, will require accurate and detailed plans so that the construction crew knows what to do. An architectural designer knows exactly what is needed to ensure that the build goes as planned.

A professional can also help improve the value of your home with structural remodels. This can help you with a renovation of any size. The shape of your home has to be of the utmost concern, and with the help of a pro, you’ll know it will be. If you are planning to add onto your home with additional living space such as an addition. An expensive project, it’s key to make sure it is done properly.

Type of Property

An architectural designer will also need to know the type of property they will be working with. The approach to working on a flat may have some similarities to a condo, apartment or other property, but there are some distinct traits that need to be acknowledged from the very beginning stages.

A house or other freestanding structure will need to have the exterior evaluated as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. You wouldn’t want to change the look so drastically that it stands out in a bad way! This may not be necessary if you are making internal structural changes, but you will still want to have their insight into your home.

Likewise, working on a plot of land will require a different set of skills and preparation. It will need to be checked for services before a build can begin to have connections to power and water included in the plan.

This can influence the price as some property types will need more work than others. It’s also helpful to know the use of the property, whether this is for business or personal use. There can be different regulations around buildings intended for commercial use, such as offices or warehouses.

Size of Property

Your professional will also need to know the size of your property. Larger properties will take more work to complete plans or inspections for, increasing the overall cost of your professional’s assistance. But even smaller properties may add on extra steps such as working around walls essential to the structure and maintaining them.

Of course, your knowledge doesn’t have to be exact! Your architectural designer can take the estimation you have about square footage and use this to start preliminary planning. They will take proper measurements themselves before any work or plans are finalized.


Building takes some time to journey through the planning and construction stages until the final project is ready to enjoy. The process can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months to arrange for the proper plans and permits so construction can begin. After that, it depends on the size of the project to determine how long it takes to complete. A larger building or renovation will naturally involve more steps until it is done.

Project Timeline

Although the stages depend on your project, you need to allow time for each step to be completed properly. The initial discussion of your plans may take a bit of time to set up. Make sure you communicate what you want and ask questions to understand the process. Then, your architect will work on preliminary designs which can take a few weeks to complete before you meet again. Once this step is done, you’ll be moving into locking down the plans in preparation for building.

If the deadline to have the work done is approaching quickly, you’ll want to get started right away! Your architect may be able to put a rush on the work, but you should expect this to cost more to cover the time or extra help needed to design.

Experience & Qualifications

The work of an architect is critical, meaning it is essential that you work with someone who is highly skilled. This can be represented by both years of experience working on different building projects or with education and training.

For experience, consider whether they have worked on similar properties or have completed projects like yours. This can be found on online profiles or the architect’s website. Look for specifics that align with your project to be confident it will be a good working relationship.

Training should include a degree in architecture as well as certification by the Royal Institute of British Architects. This ensures that they are educated thoroughly to make them qualified for the job.


Architectural services can be provided in person. You’ll have the choice of whether to travel to an architect or have them come to you to discuss your project. Meetings can take place in your home, an office, or another meeting place that is well suited for important discussions. You may need to spring for a rental fee if you are meeting in a public location or cover travel costs if you or your architect will be coming from a distance.

You could also choose to work with a professional remotely. Your documents and plans can all be conveyed by phone or email as you enter this process. But you may wish to pair remote work with meetings to stay up to date on progress. Discuss the options with your architect to find out pricing.

When planning out an architectural or construction project there are a lot of factors to take into consideration from the cost of the builders to aerial photography that captures the layout of your build site to the landscaping services that can add the finishing touch to the outdoor area around your completed building. Easily compare costs for the top services and start planning your budget today!

Related Service to Architectural DevelopmentAverage Hourly Rate
Construction Services£30
Aerial Photography£175
Landscaping Services£20

Bidvine Tip - Read this article for more information on the process of property photography. Then read these tips from a top property photographer on Bidvine who offers insight into the benefits of working with a professional photographer when taking architectural photos.


For your building project, you’ll want to work with the best pro you can find! This way, you’ll be confident that it will be built properly and attention will be paid to every single important detail. They will be able to give you the options you need as you move forward in this exciting time of building.

Finding an architectural designer can be simple. Just answer a few questions about what you are looking for and submit a free request for bids with Bidvine. We’ll find great local professionals you can trust to handle your entire project.

When your building is complete why not hire an interior designer and find pieces that will highlight the great features of your new building!

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We analyse and update our price guidance for jobs based on thousands of bids from Bidvine professionals. Our Price Guides help you see what other people have paid for projects like yours.

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