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How much does aerial photography cost?

Jan 11, 2019

With the increased availability of remote-controlled drones and other airborne devices, aerial photography is growing in popularity. It can be a great addition to your project to truly capture the full picture. But for those of us without pilot licenses, obtaining this type of photography requires the help of a professional.

Aerial photography services will have both the equipment and the know-how required to create a beautiful image for your project. And when you work with a pro, you can be confident that the photos or videos you receive are high-quality and ready to use.


In order to find the right photographer, you will need to know exactly what to look for to ensure this working relationship is destined for success. As a result, there are many decisions to make regarding your photos during this search process. This offers you control so your end product looks exactly as you wish it to. Of course, these details can also influence how much the project will cost, so it is important to do your research to understand what aerial photography will take!

Purpose of Project

Aerial photography is popular in the real estate industry. It provides a vantage point of a new build site or an existing building that cannot normally be seen. Hiring an aerial photographer can add an interesting picture or video to bring a project to life. Whether it is an apartment building, office complex or a new housing community, aerial photography can help potential new owners visualise moving in.

But aerial photography is also growing in popularity in other areas such as weddings. Imagine an aerial photograph of the place you got married, capturing the exterior of the venue as well as your decorations. Or perhaps you are getting married outdoors and want to capture the moment you say I do in a picturesque setting. Aerial photography is a great way to showcase your special day in a unique and unusual way.

The Type of Aerial Device

Many different aerial devices can be used to take pictures or video. Drones are most commonly used as they have been designed to be the perfect vehicle for this type of work. They are balanced with many propellers, giving them the steadiness required for good photography. Pictures are taken either using a remote control or are taken automatically during the session.

Other aerial devices will take a human photographer up into the air to take shots, including fixed-wing aircraft like planes, helicopters, or even blimps! These vehicles allow for a bit more control over the end results as a photographer can visualise the results as the scene unfolds.  However, this type of photography can be more expensive than drones or unmanned devices as the plane, helicopter or blimp costs a lot to get into the air.

But interesting photography can also be done using less traditional vehicles like kites. In addition to requiring a lightweight camera, this method also requires a lot of patience and expertise to get the right photo.

Whether You Need Photos or Videos

Not only is this an important decision to make before your aerial photography session takes place, but it is also an essential detail that will ensure you have the right photographer for your project. Photos and video may require different equipment and set up. This may mean a second aerial device or additional session to obtain both photos and videos of your subject.

Keep in mind that choosing both photos and videos will be a more expensive project anyone with a single medium. You may need to evaluate your options to find the right fit.

But some photographers offer both photography and videography services, sometimes from a single device! Look for a photographer who specialises in this type of work. For the best results, you want a pro who is comfortable in your chosen medium.


The length of the photography session will depend on a few factors, including the type of aerial device used to take pictures. This can occasionally increase the length of setup time to ensure the perfect picture if extra effort is required.

The number of photos you are planning to have will also increase this time to several hours. In order to get enough quality shots to make your session worthwhile, the device may need to be sent up multiple times over more than one day.

Video can also take more time to capture as it is done in a single long take, and it may entail several sweeps with the aerial device for the best results.

Keep in mind that you will also need to allow for editing time after the photography session, which can take a few days to several weeks to complete.

Experience of Photographer

For the best results with your aerial photography, you will need an experienced photographer. Not only will he need expertise when it comes to taking pictures, but they will also need to understand how to properly use the aerial device. With this combination of experience, you can be confident in getting the best pictures possible.

Take a look at a photographer’s portfolio to get a sense of their style and abilities. It’s the best way to gauge if they will be a good fit for your project. You should also read through reviews to determine if this is a pro you would like to work with. Reviews give you information about how quickly a pro works, the quality of their efforts, and even how someone enjoyed the working relationship! All of this can be essential in making you confident about your choice.

Project Size

Your photographer will also need to know about the anticipated number of photos you want before they begin. A project with many photos expected at the end will naturally take more time and more effort to complete, from taking the photos to editing. For this reason, larger projects usually carry a larger price tag.

Most photographers offer small packages that outline the number of shots you will receive. Shorter sessions may turn out with 5 to 10 shots, while larger projects offer at least 20 or more. The nature of your project will help you determine how many you need. After all, one or two shots for a wedding may be sufficient, but a real estate project may require much more to offer you enough choice in how you can use this photo for business purposes.

But even if you only want a single photo at the end, your pro needs to know. They may still need to take many shots with the drone or other chosen device to ensure you have a high-quality end result. Remember, a photographer can also use their expertise to recommend a number that is typical for the type of project you have.


Two locations are essential information for your search: your photographer’s and the place that is going to be photographed. If your photography session is going to take place somewhere else, such as at a remote wedding venue or the site of a new building, you can search for photographers who operate in that general area. This can help keep your costs down as a local photographer will be close to these areas already, reducing the impact of travel fees. Plus, the completed photos or videos can easily be sent to you by email, so you don’t need to travel yourself!

However, you may prefer to meet with your photographer to discuss the project. For this, look for a nearby pro. Just remember that if you are asking your photographer to travel to the photography session, travel fees may drive up your costs.

Cost Comparison For Photography Services

Are you planning a wedding? How about another special occasion? Easily compare costs for popular photography services below and capture stunning photos while staying on budget!

Photography Service
Average Hourly Rate
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Event Photography
Headshot Photography
Commercial Photography


Aerial photography can set your personal and business projects apart from the rest. Whether it’s still imagery or video, aerial images are unique, capturing a perfect bird’s eye view of nearly any subject. Once you’ve decided what needs to be shot by an aerial camera, all it takes it getting your pro on the job.

Don’t wait on your project, find your pro today! Just submit a free request for bids through Bidvine to find a top local aerial photographer near you!

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(55 reviews)

108 hires on Bidvine

Beckenham, South East London BR3 1PH

Iva P.Verified Review

Joe was our wedding photographer, he is very fruendly, polite and has good ideas for wedding photos. Work quality is excellent, we had about 150 photos to choose from. Good value as well. If you like to have album Joe will do this for you. I highly recommend Joe. Thank you


Alex Class Photography

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Muswell Hill, North London N10 2LG

Larry L.Verified Review

amazing pictures and angles. Really good! And Alex is super friendly and understanding , our kid was having fever at the last min and get scheduled without any concern right away. And he knows how to handles the kids. Again, really recommend!


ParaDigital Media

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Chelsea, West London SW3 2AA

Jane D.Verified Review

I have just hired them because they were highly professional, prompt and helpful. The work is not started yet but I am sure it will be just what’s required as a website revamp.


Theoni Roilides Photography

(17 reviews)

19 hires on Bidvine

Acton, West London W3 8SX

Kelly B.Verified Review

I had my photoshoot with Theoni today and I am so glad I chose her. She was amazing, such a friendly, warm, smiley chatty lady. I could not have asked for a better person to do our photoshoot. I will be recommending her to all my friends and family. All my children loved her and felt so comfortable and at ease with her which made the experience even more special. We all really enjoyed our self's and all had a laugh while doing it. She was very professional and made sure that I got all the photos I wanted. Thankyou so much for such a lovely experience we all had a brilliant time and it was all down to Theoni.



(15 reviews)

1 hire on Bidvine

Mitcham, South West London CR4 3RD

Shannon M.Verified Review


Simon Hogben Photography

(14 reviews)

29 hires on Bidvine

Yarm, North Yorkshire TS15 9BG

Rachael M.Verified Review

Simon was fantastic! He gave us everything we wanted for the event and more. His professionalism and eye for detail showed in all of our photographs on the evening. As we needed a photographer at the last minute I was worried it would cause issues but Simon was able to work around our needs and was very helpful with every question I had. I couldnt recommed him enough

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