What is CrossFit Training? Plus 7 Benefits of CrossFit Workouts

February 25, 2021
Are you considering CrossFit for your next workout? Then you're in the right spot! This article answers the question - what is CrossFit training? Then uncovers the top benefits of CrossFit training for you!

If you are looking for a whole-body workout solution for your exercise needs, you’ll be thrilled to discover CrossFit! Growing in popularity, CrossFit is a challenging workout that rewards you by how intense your workouts are, packing a lot of work into a single session.

But it’s more than just a simple exercise. It’s a whole lifestyle! Even a short time working out with CrossFit will have a significant impact on your level of fitness and overall well being.

Want to find out if CrossFit is right for you? Ready to learn what is CrossFit training? All set to reap the benefits of CrossFit training? Here’s what you need to know about the workout — starting with what it is.


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What is CrossFit Training?

Even if you’re not an expert in fitness, the name CrossFit may be familiar to you. It’s an innovative approach to health and wellness defined by a unique approach to fitness workouts. From the specialised workout gym known as a CrossFit box to everyday movements that create an effective exercise, it’s an experience worth trying.

Primarily, CrossFit provides strength training and conditioning exercises that work for anyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. The core of CrossFit is high-intensity, constantly changing workouts made up of everyday movements. It’s designed in a way that will help you achieve any fitness goal, whether it’s becoming more fit, improving your athletic ability, or simply improving your overall health and wellness.

Workouts focus on improving the ten physical domains of fitness. These skills — cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy — are practiced regularly with CrossFit.

There are 9 basic movements in CrossFit that guide each daily workout: the squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and medball clean. Each is based on functional movements, meaning actions we typically perform in daily life. This means you are building muscle that will pay off! 


The order and number of reps will vary to provide a unique experience every day.

CrossFit doesn’t always take place in a traditional gym, instead, it can also be done in a space known as a box. Sparse to some, CrossFit boxes aren’t filled with the traditional gym equipment like treadmills and stair climbers. Instead, boxes are equipped with all of the equipment needed for a workout, from kettlebells to pull-up bars to medicine balls. With lots of open space, it’s the perfect environment to tackle your workout of the day.

Although it may seem intimidating, CrossFit isn’t just for those experienced with workouts. Each workout is made up of movements that are accessible to anyone, regardless of their current shape. Since it’s designed to challenge you with increased intensity or reps, it’s great for those just starting on their fitness journey or those who are looking to advance their performance.

It all comes down to intensity! CrossFit is intended to be done at a pace that increases your heart rate and keeps it up. This offers the optimal workout. High intensity varies depending on the person, so it’s best to work with a CrossFit trainer to select a pace that provides the right balance between challenge and manageability. Intensity is key for achieving what you want with the exercise, so be sure to give it your all!

Plus, the community of trainers and other CrossFit converts is a major part of the appeal. Expert trainers can ensure that you are performing at the right level, providing the encouragement and motivation you need to continue exercising.

You’ll get to know the people you’re exercising with, building supportive relationships as you continue with classes and workouts. They can also offer expertise in nutritional information to help you make smart, healthy choices in this area as well.


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Top 7 Benefits of CrossFit

It’s Great For Any Level of Fitness

From beginners to elite athletes, CrossFit offers an intense workout that can be tailored to an individual's level of fitness. This makes it a great choice for anyone interested in a long-term exercise that will grow as they do. You won’t need to learn any new movements either, you simply ramp up your intensity and reps!

It’s Intense

CrossFit asks you to go as hard as you can for the length of your session. If you give it your best effort from start to finish, the high intensity will reward you. You’ll get a focused workout, which is great if you struggle with motivation and struggle to stay focused. With CrossFit, you won’t have the breath to think about anything else beyond how your body is responding to the activity! Plus, high-intensity workouts are proven to be great for kickstarting your fitness journey.

It’s Effective

The short, functional movement-based workouts take their cue from daily actions. This means you’ll start seeing results from CrossFit nearly right away. Lifting, squatting and other motions will come more easily as you go through the motions of your usual routine.

CrossFit demands you do this fast, too. Workouts are packed full of movement, so you exercise with great results every time. It’s a great choice for those with packed schedules and who want to make — or keep — fitness as a priority.


It’s Exciting

With a workout of the day, your exercise routine is always different, meaning there is little to fear from getting bored with the same daily workout. The functional movements are mixed up in order and in terms of duration or reps, so you’ll always be changing your focus. The constant change makes every day with CrossFit an adventure.

It Improves Your Flexibility

Since CrossFit incorporates the same functional movements we use in daily life, it helps us tackle everyday tasks. Moving your limbs in different directions for squats and lifts improves joint mobility, and the number of reps will open up these muscles and give them the opportunity to develop a greater range of motion. Since the WOD changes constantly, you won’t be performing too many reps of the same exercise or focusing in on one area of the body. This will reduce the risk of injury from overworking one area, rather, improving your body’s overall fitness.


It Helps Your Heart

CrossFit raises your heart rate and keeps it up throughout the exercise, meaning it’s a great choice for cardiovascular activity. With no slowdowns, this routine increases your endurance. This workout helps your heart to be healthier and improves function.

If heart wellness is a concern, make sure to discuss the activity with your coach and a medical doctor before you begin. The intense pace demands a lot from your body, so you want to be sure your heart is up to the challenge.

It Changes Your Life

CrossFit is a true lifestyle change. For many, it’s the type of exercise they’ve been waiting for! From the first moment you step into the box for a session, you’ll meet like-minded individuals who share your goal: fitness.

They, in addition to your coach, create a community of support to encourage you as you challenge yourself with exercise and a fit lifestyle. Before you know it you’ll be looking forward to each session.

Interested in learning more about CrossFit as a personal training option? Click here to read more about personal training costs so you can create a budget for a motivating fitness routine that inspires you!

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Home gym equipment also helps if you want to augment gym training with some at-home routines. You can do weights at the gym with a spotter, then turn your attention to cardio while you’re at home. With the right home gym equipment, you can take your fitness routine to the next level. 

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What are the Benefits of Using Home Gym Equipment?

A home gym can work wonders for your pursuit of health and wellbeing. Here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to experiencing:

Comfort and Privacy

You’ll be able to set up your gym exactly as you like it. Want to look out onto your garden as you run on the treadmill or do you prefer to watch TV? You’re calling the shots, so you can get it exactly the way you like. And since you’re working out in your own home, you won’t have to worry about anyone intruding on your space.


The gym is always open! You can make the trek to your dedicated gym space anytime you’d like. With no commute, you can launch right into working out. The home gym also eliminates the need to wait for machines to become available. You’re the only member, so they are always available. With no lines, you can spend as much time as you’d like on a particular piece of equipment.


Although the purchase of some home gym equipment can seem rather costly, it can prove to be cost-effective over time. Imagine your monthly gym fees over the course of a year. They start to add up! So if gym equipment is a must for your workout then purchasing a piece for your home could be a good option for your budget.

Custom Workouts

Some gyms will promote the use of certain machines over others. Often, too much time is spent with cardio and not enough on toning. This can give you an unbalanced approach to fitness that does you no good. In your home gym, you can rotate through each piece of equipment for a full-body workout. You’ll increase your strength by using free weights rather than focusing on a single type of exercise. It’s an easy shift to have a multi-pronged focus that includes cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance training.

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6 of The Best Boxing Workouts For Any Experience Level

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Since it builds up from basic moves and exercises, even those unfamiliar with boxing can find this an easy way to work out. Most boxing workouts will take you through a warmup and into a number of repetitions of movements inspired by boxing, conditioning and strength-building exercises. There can even be a component of working with the bag, taking your workout up a notch. 

Boxing workouts may seem simple but can be amplified to suit the desired intensity by changing up the speed or reps. So to get started, read on! We’ve rounded up some of the best workouts for any experience level to improve your health and wellbeing. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

Looking for a customised boxing workout to help you achieve your fitness goals? Easily compare costs and reviews for top local boxing instructors and hire the best!

6 of The Best Boxing Workouts For Any Experience Level

6 of The Best Boxing Workouts For Any Experience Level

1. Shadow Boxing Basics 

Learning a new skill like boxing takes a lot of practice, making shadow boxing a great exercise. Even if you don’t plan on boxing regularly, learning these movements can be a fun way to work out. For a bit of added strength training, you can even wear gloves. These will create extra resistance with each move to help strengthen your arms during practice.


The four basic movements include jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. These punches are what you should focus on with this workout. Make sure to adjust your stance to lead from both your left and right sides.  

  • Jab: a quick, straight punch thrown from your lead hand 
  • Cross: a powerful straight punch using your rear hand
  • Hook: a punch thrown in a semi-circular motion using your lead hand, typically to the side of your opponent’s head
  • Uppercut: a strong, vertical punch using your rear hand that moves upwards to the opponent

Since shadow boxing is done without equipment, you can do it anywhere! It’s a great way to squeeze in a workout when you are on the go. Plus, since you aren’t using the bag for resistance, this is a great workout for your core. To help build strength faster, add free weights to your punches. This can also help with grip strength.  

Major benefit: building up strength in your core and back muscles

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This pro post comes to you from Gyles Abbott of Fitbot Training, a personal trainer on Bidvine. He gave us valuable insight into the importance of stretching after a workout.

Different stretches will benefit you in different ways, so consult your personal trainer to find what’s best for you before you begin doing post-workout stretches. Stretching after you exercise with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to improve your health and reduce post-workout pain.

If you’re interested in learning more, read on to find the top 10 reasons to stretch after a workout!

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