Why Should You Hire a Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist? – Pro Post

February 25, 2021

Hiring a wedding hair and makeup artist is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make before your wedding. Your big day is not one of the times when it’s safe to just wing it and do your own hair and makeup.

Your wedding day memories will be preserved forever in photos and videos, so it’s important that your hair and makeup be in tip top shape. For this pro post, we consulted Bidvine pro Lorna Kings for her thoughts on the importance of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding.

Without further ado, here is Lorna’s advice on hiring a wedding hair and makeup artist instead of going it alone:

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the planning phase. Got everything you need for your wedding? Or are there a few things you are yet to tick off? Don’t let your wedding hair and makeup be a last minute choice. If you are unsure, here are a few thoughts that may be running through your head, and my responses!

Can I do my own wedding hair and makeup?

Funny I said the same thing and I’m a professional. The more a more I got to know brides and gave this response (about my hypothetical wedding might I add), they always advised me against it.

Then I realised why. Not only is this a very important occasion where your nearest and dearest will gather to be part of your big day. You are therefore going to be the centre of attention, I would imagine you want to feel confident and that for at least one day you are feeling and looking your best. You may think you can do your hair and makeup just so, but have you ever got ready for a night out and that eyeliner hasn’t quite gone to plan.

Don’t let your wedding day be one of those days, the pressure is on as it is. Let someone else be responsible for your wedding hair and bridal makeup! Let your maids be responsible for any last minute errands and let anyone top up your champagne. You want to be able to sit back and take it all in.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Price Guide

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Price Range

Wow! Wedding hair and makeup is pricey!

In the grand scheme of things is it? To look and feel your best, for such an important occasion. Not only are you paying for your artist to travel to you, both for a trial and for the event.

We will provide our kit, which will have an array of products to suit your requests for your desired look. Keep in mind that your wedding makeup artist has to constantly replenish their kit. If you know the cost of beauty products, you know it is not cheap.

Your artist will use their experience and knowledge of the craft to advise you as best they can to ensure you look and feel how you imagined, possibly better. I also say to my clients at the trial, just because the trial is done, doesn’t mean you can’t contact me. I am always on hand for any assistance, from the bridesmaids’ looks down to advice on lippy colours for the day.

Your artist has obtained their skills and experience through professional training and hard graft, they should be insured and they should be professional. Don’t make the mistake of going with a cheaper choice. You’ll be missing out on quality, experience and knowledge of the field, just to save a bit.

lorna kings pro post pic

Photo by Story Hair and Makeup, a Professional on Bidvine

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Do I need a trial?

Always! I will not agree to a booking unless they also book a trial. Again, I know weddings are expensive. So is it worth risking, potentially wasting money on a bad experience? Yes, you may have seen someone’s work, but can you really trust someone whose images you’ve only seen online.

The artist you book is possibly going to be doing yours and your bridal parties’ hair and makeup. They are going to be in your personal space and you are hoping they can do wonders on the day. That is a lot of faith to put into someone you haven’t even met yet.

Have a trial, meet the person you are entrusting your wedding day look to. Take a bridesmaid or your mum along and go through every idea you may have come up with.

My advice is to show your artist exactly what you had in mind. Images of bridal hair and makeup, pictures of brides, your Pinterest board, your flowers on the day, the bridesmaid dresses. You don’t want to end up with a relaxed wedding hair style when you were looking for a sleek updo. A good artist will advise you what will work for you.

If the look is not what you imagined, be honest. Don’t let us leave until you are happy. Trust me, you won’t offend us, but there is very little we can do to rectify something once we leave the venue.

I am always both happy and sad on the wedding day. You tend to build a really lovely relationship with a bride throughout her planning. So arriving at the big day is both an honour to be part of and a bit sad that you say goodbye, but in a good way.

Lorna Kings

Hair and Makeup Artist

We’d like to thank Lorna for her advice to brides, and we hope you found it interesting! And remember, wedding hair and makeup artists can take care of the entire bridal party. You just have to work out a plan ahead of time and make the right arrangements.

Lorna’s company Story Hair and Makeup is based out of London, and covers the whole of the UK and beyond. So, if your big day is coming up or you simply need a hair and makeup artist for another reason, Lorna is a great choice! Check out her stellar reviews to learn more about why her past clients have loved her services.

If you’re getting married and want to hire her for your big day, all you have to do is submit a free request on Bidvine! You can view her profile and make a request from there. It’s that easy.

If you’re a Bidvine pro and you want to share your expertise with potential customers through a pro post, please e-mail social@bidvine.com. 

hire a wedding hair and makeup

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