Students Should Ignore Minimum Wage Jobs and Work For Themselves

June 11, 2021

It’s September and school is back in session! For two and a half million students, that means it’s time begin or resume their university courses. As they head back to the books, many of these students will also be setting out to find a job to fund their studies with a mind towards positions they can start now that can help them to secure graduate jobs as well.

This year, instead of searching for a minimum wage job, new research suggests that students should consider working for themselves. In contrast to working at a minimum wage job, students who are self-employed could earn an extra £100 a week. Many students in England now graduating with £50 000 in debt and this extra income can be invaluable in funding their university education.

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An entrepreneurial approach to a student job also has other added advantages as well like setting students up for success after graduation. Taking the initiative to begin a business now, can demonstrate to future employers that they have the dedication, passion, motivation, and drive to succeed in future positions.

When students work for themselves while studying, it also creates the potential for students to build a business that they may choose to pursue full-time after graduation.

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Sohrab Jahanbani, Founder and CEO of, said,

“Students should not just consider traditional minimum wage paying jobs like bar or retail work but instead look at starting themselves on an entrepreneurial journey where they will develop more skills, build a business that they can grow over many years and in the short-term earn more money and have more freedom.

If you have the necessary background you can privately teach people subjects such as languages, science and music or even work as a yoga instructor or video game coach. Your skills are very much in demand and depending on your experience you can earn between £20 – £50 per hour on With platforms like Bidvine around to help, it’s never been easier to turn a hobby into a business.”

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