4 Small Business Advertising Ideas You Might Have Missed

February 25, 2021

Every small business owner is eager to become the owner of a medium-sized business, and someday to become one of their industry’s front runners.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to promote your business online. 

The good thing is that it’s never been easier to advertise a business online thanks to the enormous number of digital marketing techniques available today.

The Truth About Small Business Advertising

However, according to a report by Keap, 29% of small business owners don’t plan to take advantage of digital marketing at all.

The Truth About Small Business Advertising

Luckily, you’re trying to overcome this challenge, aren’t you? Good for you! 

The world of small business advertising has much to offer. Let’s review a few ideas.

Idea 1. Join the Facebook Family of Apps and Services

Social media advertising is effective for any business that wants to generate sales, boost conversions, and search for leads.

Join the Facebook Family of Apps and Services

There are plenty of social media platforms. However, the same report by Keap says that Facebook is the most popular among small businesses. 

And there are a few good reasons for that:

  • Reach. As of June 2019, Facebook had 2.41 billion monthly active users and 1.59 billion daily active users. That’s the world’s second-biggest online audience after Google.
  • Retargeting opportunities. Thanks to Custom Audiences, you can find your current customers on Facebook using any possible marketing channel and retarget them with your ads.
  • Affordable ad campaigns. You can start testing Facebook ads to promote your small business starting with a $1 budget.
  • Designed for advertising beginners. The process of launching Facebook ads is intuitive. Facebook is a great place to start for those who consider digital advertising a challenge; Facebook helps you learn with each new campaign.

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However, the major advantage of Facebook is that it allows you to promote your business on additional platforms. 

Mark Zuckerberg and his team offer a family of apps and services: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network.

Each of these platforms offers unique possibilities for promoting any kind of small business. 

Instagram is perfect for attracting customers with visual content. Messenger helps companies establish personal connections with their target audiences. The Audience Network allows businesses to show their ads on thousands of apps and websites.

Audience Network

Not to mention that you can run Facebook ads on all these platforms both simultaneously and separately based on your ad campaign settings.

Idea 2. Share Your Experience on Quora

Quora is probably the most popular website for asking questions and looking for answers related to business and life.

Share Your Experience on Quora

You should try marketing your small business on Quora due to three crucial advantages.

First, you can demonstrate your expertise. No matter what industry your small business belongs to, there are lots of people who are on the same path as you. 

And some of them may have less experience in growing their companies than you do. Answering questions related to any aspect of your business automatically makes you an influencer.

Answering questions

Second, the more questions you answer, the more people will send you question requests. In this way, you can significantly boost your personal reputation and brand awareness.

Question Requests

Third, Quora helps you evolve as a specialist. Sooner or later, you’ll stumble upon questions you can’t answer. Researching and coming up with a response will give you a chance not only to assist your business-mates but to learn something new about your small business.

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Idea 3. Create and Publish a Lot of Different Content

In a survey by Statista, marketers named content marketing the most effective digital advertising technique.

Create and Publish a Lot of Different Content

Here’s what a basic content marketing strategy for an average small company should look like:

  • Follow SEO guidelines. If your small business already has a website, then use recommendations from Google and do everything to help your website appear on the first page of search engine results.
  • Start a blog. Publishing guides, tutorials, and articles on your blog is a great free way to increase traffic to your website and brand awareness.
  • Take advantage of guest blogging. Write articles that include links to your blog and publish them on websites that have lots of traffic.
  • Share news and updates on social media. Become active on all popular social media platforms to spread your name as far as possible.

In other words, your task is to post as much high-quality content as possible in as many places as you can.

Idea 4. Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Video Marketing

According to a report by Salesforce, nearly 46% of owners of small and medium-sized businesses are ready to take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Some already use AI to optimize their video ad production, as video is the best format for showing products and services in action.

While video marketing is growing in popularity among advertisers and marketers, artificial intelligence boosts ROI and conversions by saving resources on video editing and rendering.

Naturally, you can combine these two hot trends to double your benefit.

Good Luck with Your Small Business

To succeed in advertising your small business, you need to use digital promotion techniques.

In the era of content consumption, you should:

  • Promote your website using a well-developed SEO strategy.
  • Start a blog to post useful articles related to your field.
  • Use Facebook and other social media channels to expand your influence as much as possible.
  • Advertise your products and services using AI-powered videos, since people watch more video now than ever before.

Hope these ideas came in handy. Happy advertising!

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