Shower Room Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom (With Costs!)

February 25, 2021

Are you considering upgrading the shower room in your home? Then, you are in the right place.  From shower enclosures to flooring and tiling, we have you covered with these top shower room ideas!

Plus, to ensure that you have all the info that you need, we have also included answers to your pressing shower room questions.

Before you know it, you will be bursting with inspiration for your shower installation and ready to transform your bathroom into an oasis.

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What Are the Benefits of Remodelling a Shower Room?

If you are considering listing your home for sale in the future an updated shower room can be a real asset.

According to Houzz, kitchen and bathroom renovations are two of the most sought after home renovations by buyers. When prospective buyers come to look at your home, a sleek and polished shower room will be looked upon kindly. Who knows, those prospective buyers may even be swayed to purchase your home because you remodelled the shower room.

You don’t just have to wait until you want to sell to remodel the bathroom either. Even if you plan to stay in your house for the foreseeable future remodelling the shower room can still benefit you.

First of all, when you upgrade your shower room it will let you catch any potential trouble spots. If your walls are damp, a bathroom upgrade will ensure that you catch this before mould growth can begin.

Once you have fixed up any trouble spots, you can then focus on the personalising the aesthetic of your shower room. You will truly appreciate a shower room that is designed just the way you like it. Say goodbye to worrying about your to-do list and hello to a relaxing shower!

How Much Does Remodelling a Shower Room Cost?

Okay, so there are some good reasons to upgrade your shower room but now what? How are you supposed to go about achieving these results? 

Well, your first step is to plan out a budget. Your budget will act as your guideline for the entire project. A proper, detailed budget can empower you to find practical solutions for your shower room goals.

To make sure you have the financial info you need for your project we went ahead and gathered the research for you. In the chart below you can find info on how much Bidvine professionals charge to complete different aspects of a shower room renovation.

Then, we also added information on the approximate time it took to complete these projects. That way you can also add a timeline to your project.

UK National Average Min. Cost 
UK National Average Max. Cost
UK Average Total Cost
Shower and Bath Installation
Shower and Bath Repair
Bathroom Tiling Installation

It is important to keep in mind that these are estimates and that there are numerous factors which can influence a project, so the cost may vary. For this reason, it is best to speak directly to your professional to get a custom, detailed quote for your shower room.

Shower and Bath Installer Price Guide

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Price Range

Shower Room Inspiration

Now that you have finished preparing the budget for your shower room upgrades, it’s time to gather some inspirational ideas for your project.

First, let’s start off by looking at the highlight of your shower room, the shower enclosure itself!

Corner Shower

A classic way to approach a shower room is to add a corner shower enclosure. By nature, a corner shower will be set against a corner in the room with two glass sides facing forward.

This arrangement brings a variety of advantages. First and foremost is its ability to save space. If you tuck your shower in the corner, it won’t take up as much floor space.

In particularly small bathrooms it is quite common to remove the tub and replace it with a shower to maximise as much space as possible.

Corner Shower

The second advantage that a corner shower brings is its capacity to maximise the distribution of natural light. The two glass sides which contain the shower will allow plenty of light into the enclosure.

It will also allow the light to better disperse throughout the room, especially when compared to opaque shower curtains surrounding a tub. The more natural light that is able to travel throughout the room, the larger it will seem.

If you have a small bathroom then a corner shower enclosure is a win-win which saves you space and makes the room seem larger!

Quadrant Shower

A quadrant shower comes with similar benefits to a corner shower. Like a corner shower, a quadrant shower is also placed in a corner of the bathroom.

However, it is somewhat different than a corner shower in that it isn’t contained by rectangular glass walls. Instead, it has a curved exterior.

Quadrant Shower

This curved exterior can help to save even more space. If you find that the dimensions of a corner shower stall will still infringe on your space, then a quadrant shower could be the perfect alternative.

Even if you don’t need a quadrant shower due to space restrictions, it can still make a stunning addition to your bathroom. The unique curvature of the shower stall’s exterior will make it a statement-worthy addition to any home.

Rainfall Shower Head

For an extra touch of luxury in your shower room consider swapping a traditional shower head for a rainfall shower.

In contrast to a regular shower head which is angled out from the wall, a rainfall shower head is placed above your head. This allows the water to fall directly from above just like a rain cloud.

Rainfall Shower Head

Just imagine showering under your very own steamy rain cloud. It’s undeniably the perfect way to transform your bathroom into a rainforest oasis.

Raise it Up

Beyond a rainfall shower head, another way to make your shower room stand out is by adding a raised lip to the edge of your shower.

Adding a tiled lip to the edge of your shower will create a distinct division between your shower and the rest of your bathroom. This concept works especially well in larger bathrooms as it can add a sense of cosiness in an open space.

Shower room ideas

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To blend the edge’s tiling into the aesthetic of the rest of the room simply match the tiles to any accent tiles that you use for the backsplash or borders around the room.

Alternatively, you could also raise the entire shower upwards a few inches to truly make a statement.

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Along with the idea of a raised shower that creates a division comes the contrasting concept of a walk-in shower. A walk-in shower is perfect if you are aiming for an open-concept bathroom.

To accompany your walk-in shower you could even choose to forgo the shower door entirely. Removing the shower door will create a seamless transition between your shower room and the rest of the bathroom.

Walk-in Shower

If you do opt for a walk-in shower or door-less shower then it is important to take a few precautionary waterproofing measures. While a walk-in shower can create stunning results if it is not approached with expertise it could also flood your bathroom

For this reason, it is important to consult with your shower installer about the best drainage options. Then, you should also discuss how to effectively waterproof the flooring around your shower. This will help to prevent any escaped water from causing water damage.

Wet Room

If you are a fan of a door-less, walk-in shower then you will simply love the wet room concept!

The main difference between a walk-in shower that doesn’t have a door and a wet room is that a wet room is not always contained by a glass wall. It is also constructed directly on the bathroom floor and doesn’t have a shower base. 

A wet room will expose a large area of your bathroom to spray from the shower head. For this reason, it is best to build a wet room in a larger bathroom. You don’t want to soak your towel while you are taking a shower simply because the room is too small.

wet room shower

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If you are considering a wet room then it is especially important to discuss both drainage and waterproofing with your shower installer. Without these precautionary measures, you could end up with significant water damage.

However, concerns of water damage are no reason to avoid a wet room. When a room is professionally sealed, and tiled you can happily enjoy your wet room without worry.

Don’t Forget the Flooring

Now that you’ve picked your favourite shower enclosure, let’s talk flooring. It is all too easy to forget about your feet when planning a shower room but they count too!

If you choose tiles for the flooring of your shower stall then for the sake of safety, slip-resistance is the principal factor you need to plan for. Certain types of tiling material are far more slip-resistant than others.

Bidvine Tip: Learn more about the slip-resistance of different tiles in our bathroom tiling article.

Have you found the perfect slip-resistant tiles for your floor? Then now you should consider treating your toes with in-floor heating. In-floor heating will keep your toes toasty warm when you walk into the bathroom in the morning.

No need to freeze your feet on cold tiles in the morning after you step out of the shower anymore. Instead, say hello to toasty toes and a warm bathroom!

Top It off with Tiles

Speaking of tiles, once you have accounted for the slip-resistance of your floor, why not play around with different tiles designs? 

Shower room tiles are a fun way to express your personality and showcase your unique sense of style. To spark your inspiration check out some of the suggestions below. Then, let Bidvine help you discover professional tilers near you!

Tiles in shower

Pebble Floor

As their name aptly suggests, pebble tiles are tiles which are made from a variety of pebbles sealed together. The pebbles set in these tiles will add a one-of-a-kind natural touch to your shower room.

modern bathroom

Image Credit

Then you turn the water on in your shower it will accent the unique beauty of each pebble and make your flooring look like a riverbed. It doesn’t get much more authentic than that!

Earthy Oasis

If pebble tiles aren’t your thing but you would still like to create an earthy oasis using tiles, don’t fret. Instead of pebbles, use colour to create your earthen oasis.

earthy tone shower

Image Credit

When choosing your tiles opt for earthy brown, beige or clay coloured tiles for your shower room walls or floor. These subtle colours will weave together to create a relaxing, earthy atmosphere.

Add Drama with Bright Colours

Are you looking for a bit of drama instead? Then bright colours are the key to achieving your shower room goals.

bright blue shower

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To make your shower enclosure really pop, tile one of your walls with a vibrant accent colour. If you have a corner shower enclosure, then consider tiling just the part of your wall which the glass enclosure will contain. This will draw the eye to the shower and add a boost of energy to the room.

Make it Chic with Marble

Marble is a classically chic material. Whenever you see it, it simply sparkles with class.

marble shower

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A shower room with marble tiles will dazzle you and any visitors who come to your home. You can be sure that with shower room walls made of marble more than a few of your guests will take pics to inspire their own renovations!

Create the Illusion of Space with Neutral Colours

When you can’t pick a colour it is best to go with something neutral. Neutral colours are timeless classics which never seem to go out of style.

neutral tone bathroom

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They can also come with the added benefit of creating the illusion of space. If you have a smaller bathroom, choosing white tiles, beige tiles or cream tiles will make it feel more open by reflecting the light.

Dark and Modern

Just as neutral colours have their place, so to do tiles with a dark colour. To emphasise the modernity of your shower room, tile one wall with dark or even black tiles. You can even further accent this space and add a metallic tile border.

dark modern bathroom

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The metallic tiles will flawlessly weave together with the black tiles to transform your shower room from ho-hum into a modern classic.

Beautify with Textiles

If you have turned one of your shower room walls into an accent then, it only makes sense to carry this throughout your bathroom. The best way to do this is by opting for textiles in matching, or complementary colours to your shower room tiles.

bright textiles in a bathroom

Image Credit

Alternatively, you could also use your textiles to switch things up and instead of matching the colours directly, you could use them to add a bright and vibrant pop of colour to your space.

Think bright, red, blue or green towels or bathmats, in a white bathroom. The best part about it is that when you accent a classic white room with textiles, you can easily switch up the colour scheme when you are ready for a change.

Create Space with Mirrors

When you have a small shower room you will want to do everything you can to maximise space and make it feel more open.

mirrors in the bathroom

Image Credit

Mirrors present a top solution. Placing an extra mirror or two in your bathroom will help to reflect light into the shower. The added light will then make your shower room seem more open.

Touch of Greenery

To complete the transformation of your bathroom and shower room into an oasis, introduce a potted plant into your space. If you have natural light in the room, your plant will flourish adding a vibrant touch of flourishing greenery.

Greenery in the bathroom

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