Feel the Fear and Flourish - How to Overcome Fears With Life Coaching

August 28, 2020

Identifying and overcoming your fears can help you to remove blocks that are holding you back and reach your full potential. Discover how you can begin the process of identifying and overcoming your fears through life coaching with insight from Rebecca Daffeh a professional Life Coach on Bidvine.

What is Fear?


False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. This is a well-known acronym that explains how fear is a feeling generated due to one’s perception that there is or that there will be a threat. F.E.A.R. may be considered to be self-generated due to self-limiting beliefs, perceptions and misunderstandings of a situation. This can then manifest as worry, nervousness, phobias, anxiety and depression. The good news is there is something that you can do about it.

Many people try to rid fear but it is a basic primal human response to a perceived threat to our survival. This is called the fight or flight response that preps the body to run, fight or you may freeze. Your body then produces hormones that help you to respond with a fight or flight approach, but what about if the trigger was your email notification pinging or a knock at the door from your window cleaner, or simply switching on the news - triggering fear about work, money, or what is happening in the world today.

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Unwrapping Triggers & Responses to Fear

The modern world has so many potential triggers for fight or flight responses that it is difficult for some of us to switch off, many relying on food, substances, and social media as a way to create a false sense of relaxation. All of these things actually feed fear because they overstimulate rather than relax us. 

The hormone dopamine is released in the brain by food, alcohol, and social media amongst other things that are readily available to us and you can access a rush whenever you want. The downside is that rush must come down and often people feel worse and then need more.

Addressing Fears With Life Coaching

Addressing The Root of Your Fear With Coaching

So, what is the solution to managing fear in an over-stimulated environment?

Find out what is at the root of your fear. This is empowerment. When you know why you feel the way you feel you can manage it, you can move forward. Having coached many people over many years, I can say that the root of your fear will be different from the next person although it may manifest in similar ways. 

Finding out the root cause is difficult to do alone so working with a coach, mentor, or therapist can be incredibly helpful. When you want to overcome your fears you will embark on a healing journey and there may be tears but there will also be breakthroughs and magical “Aha” moments that provide you with clarity and an understanding of your behaviour. 

It is when you understand why you do what you do that you can bring conscious awareness to your actions and reactions. You are then able to reduce the fight and flight response because your subconscious responses have been brought to the surface and addressed accordingly. The evidence that appeared real will no longer be a trigger.

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Moving Past Your Fears

Once you have discovered why you feel the fear, you can make a plan and action it. Working with a coach gives you space to show your fear some respect! People can spend years trying to rid, ignore, repress their fears but coaching can help you to integrate fear, call it out and face it. 

Fear's purpose is to keep you safe, keep you away from the threat. So rather than turning to food, wine, or social media, feel your fear. Feel your fear and work with it, not against it. This is what coaching can support you to do, it can help you to recognise that you hold the power to make you feel safe and that the fear is an old story that you can stop replaying.

It is an honour to hold space for someone who is ready to feel their fear and flourish. For some people, it is a quick process and it is like witnessing them flicking a switch and shaking it off and for others is takes more time and both are the right path. Coaching recognises you are on your own unique journey and that you are unique in your design.

Other ideas that may support you to feel the fear and flourish would be to get out into nature as much as possible and bring awareness to the physical body. Recognise that you are part of the universe and that universe can support you too. Meditation is also another great way of connecting to the fear and to face it in a positive, centred way. These combined with some empowering coaching sessions will support you to feel the fear and flourish and move into your own personal power.

Rebecca Daffeh

The Holistic Coach

Rebecca Daffeh

Rebecca Daffeh is a Holistic Coach supporting clients in the U.K. and internationally using a combination of techniques to nourish and align the mind, body and soul. With a mission to assist in the release of past traumas, current symptoms, and future fears by holding space for people to enhance their wellness, vitality, and confidence. Rebecca always tailors each session to match the specific goals of individual clients using a fusion of nutritional therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), life coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation and colour coaching to create conscious change and flow.

Interested in booking a coaching session with Rebecca? Click here to visit Rebecca's Bidvine Profile!

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