13 Modern Bathroom Ideas – Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams!

February 25, 2021

Are you searching for some modern bathroom ideas to update your bathroom? Then you are in the right place! This article is packed with inspirational ideas for modern bathrooms. Equipped with these tips and the help of a trusted, local professional you will create the bathroom of your dreams in no time! 

1. Minimalist Colours

minimalist bathroom colours

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The quintessential colours of a modern bathroom are undeniably minimalist. Think white, grey, beige, cream, and black. Though this colour scheme is simple. It is made that way for a reason. These neutral colours bring to mind cleanliness, tidiness and organisation. There is simply no room for clutter when designing a chic modern bathroom.

The lighter shades of this colour scheme like white, beige, and cream will also open up the room, making it feel larger. If you are renovating a small bathroom this is especially ideal.

2. Large Bathroom Mirror

large bathroom mirror

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There is nothing that says modern quite like a large bathroom mirror. No longer will you have to fight for mirror space with your spouse. A large bathroom mirror will provide ample space for both of you to get ready in the morning.

In addition to its obvious utility, a large bathroom mirror can also brighten and open up the bathroom as well. Any light that enters your bathroom will bounce off its reflective surface, lighting up additional areas of the room. The brighter your bathroom, the more spacious it will seem.

If you want to go all you could even install a floor to ceiling mirror!

3. Modern Bathroom Tiles

modern bathroom tiles

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The tiles you choose for a bathroom renovation can make or break your bathroom so it is best to choose carefully. This is especially true for your bathroom flooring. Some tiles are more slippery than others which could lead to accidents.

For safety’s sake, it is best to choose tiles that are naturally more slip-resistant than others. For bathroom and shower room flowering opt for quarry, slate, ceramic or pebble tiles.

Then, to emphasise that modern aesthetic, tile your walls with natural stone, marble or granite. These tiles are all especially popular in newly constructed bathrooms.

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4. Shower Room or Wet Room

shower room or wet room

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A shower room or wet room is an asset to any bathroom renovation. A tastefully designed shower room can transform the entire atmosphere of your bathroom from old and out of date to new and modern.

There are plenty of different construction and layout options for this as well. You could tuck your shower room in a corner to save space in a smaller bathroom. Then in a larger bathroom, you could opt for a more spacious shower room to enhance the showering area.

If you aren’t a fan of the shower stall idea but still want a showering area that is separate from your tub, create a wet room. This will be built directly into the walls and flooring of the bathroom itself. All you need to do is waterproof that area of the room, seal it and tile it. Then presto you’ve installed a brand new wet room!

Ready to refresh and modernise your showering area? Then hire a local shower installer and let a local professional take care of the rest!

5. Statement Bath Tub

statement tub

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Along with a shower room or wet room comes the separation of the tub from the shower. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your bathtub altogether. The separation of the tub from the shower actually opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Instead of just being an object of utility the bathtub can become a true statement piece. When it is set off to the side your bathtub will instantly draw the eye. To emphasise the modernity of your bathroom, opt for a tub with clean lines in contrast to a vintage tub with claw feet.

Another benefit that comes along with modern tubs beyond their stunning aesthetic, is their size. Most modern tubs are quite spacious and perfect for soaking. They present the perfect opportunity to comfortably relax and unwind!

6. Artistic Shapes

artistic shapes

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One of the best ways to set your bathroom apart is by infusing it with artistic shapes. The tub pictured above provides a perfect example of this. Its sleek, curved lines express the height of modernity.

You can introduce these shapes in a variety of ways. One option is to choose a statement bathtub in an intriguing shape, but this is not your only choice. Another top way to incorporate artistic shapes into your bathroom is through the decor. Think unique, one of a kind vases, decorative mirrors and funky carpets, the possibilities are endless!

7. A Pop of Greenery

greenery in bathroom

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Do you have a window in your bathroom that lets natural light in? Then a potted plant will make the perfect addition!

Not only do plants look great in the bathroom, but they can also help to reduce your stress before the upcoming day. If you get stressed when preparing for work in the morning a plant could be a huge help. Looking at it while you get ready will help to ease your tension.

Some of the best plants for low lit bathrooms include:

  • Peace Lilly
  • Bamboo
  • Aloe Vera
  • Snake Plant

If your bathroom is well lit then these plants will thrive:

  • Gardenia
  • Orchid
  • Asparagus Fern

No matter which plant you end up choosing for your bathroom, the addition of a spot of greenery is sure to add a smile to your morning routine.

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8. Chic Light Fixtures

chic light fixtures in bathroom

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In modern bathrooms, there are two main options for lighting – chic, geometric light fixtures or pot lights.

New bathrooms tend to favour the clean lines that geometric light fixtures offer rather than ornate glasswork. If you are out shopping for new light fixtures make sure to keep simplicity and minimalism at the forefront of your mind.

Should you prefer your light fixtures to be tucked away, then pot lights are another top option. These light fixtures are tucked tidily within the ceiling. When evenly spaced, pot lights will keep your bathroom bright and well-lit.

Essentially, both chic, geometric light fixtures and pot lights are a perfect fit for updated bathrooms. The best choice for your bathroom is simply a matter of preference.

Beyond the lighting fixtures themselves, keeping a candle in the bathroom is a nice way to add a soothing ambience.

9. Stylish Storage

nice storage options bathroom

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Stylish storage options are key to ensuring that your bathroom will stay nice and tidy long after you tackle your renovations. When you get settled back into your bathroom it is all too easy to let clutter run rampant. Yet, letting clutter lie around will quickly drag down the atmosphere of your bathroom. To prevent the return of the clutter, plan to add some stylish storage spaces during the renovation.

Here are a few top bathroom storage options:

  • For miscellaneous toiletries add a few closed drawers to tuck things away
  • Add open shelves for towels and linens to be placed when tidily folded
  • Place a wicker or bamboo basket on the countertop for frequently used items

10. Brighten with Natural Light

natural light

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If you can brighten your bathroom by adding a natural light source, then you definitely should! The brighter your room is the more spacious it will seem.

Plus, natural light comes along with the added benefit of nurturing any plants you might put there. Even low lights plants benefit from a certain amount of sunlight each day.

When natural light streams into your bathroom on a daily basis it can also help you to reduce your hydro costs in the long run. If your bathroom is already bright from the natural light outdoors you will be less likely to turn on the lights, saving you hydro.

11. An Artsy Splash of Colour

splash of colour in modern bathroom

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Although the most popular colours for a modern bathroom are neutrals, that doesn’t mean you need to completely avoid colour. A few artsy splashes of colour throughout your bathroom are a sure way to make it stand out.

The most simple way to incorporate these splashes of colour is through your towel and carpets. Just imagine how a bright blue or red bath mat and some respectively matching towels could make your bathroom pop!

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not paint an accent wall in your favourite bold colour?! A colourful wall will help to break up the uniformity of the room if you like a little drama in your decor.

12. Beautify with Bamboo

bamboo sink bathroom

Bamboo is a peaceful and soothing addition to any bathroom. Luckily there are several different ways you can incorporate it into your bathroom’s design.

This top-notch bamboo vanity provides a perfect example. Its clean lines and natural aesthetic make it an excellent fit. Not to mention that its set of drawers offers plenty of storage space to discretely tuck away any items that might clutter the room.

To add a little extra pop of bamboo, replace the bonsai tree pictured about with a live bamboo plant. These plants tend to thrive in warm areas and don’t require much light so they are perfect for a bathroom.

13. Make it Unique with Tasteful Art

art in bathroom

A few poignant and tasteful paintings are a top way to set your bathroom apart. Sea creatures, florals, and oceanic imagery are all popular options when it comes to bathroom art. The royal purples in the images of the flowers depicted above add a special flair to the bathroom.

Are you all set to update your bathroom and create a modern oasis? Then simply submit the details for your project and let a local professional take care of the rest!

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