7 Tips for Maintaining Your Garden Through the Harsh Winter

November 26, 2020

Your garden needs a little help to thrive through the winter. Put a little love and care into your outside space and it’ll come up in spring all the more beautiful. Here are our top tips for taking care of your garden over the winter.

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Frozen Flowers

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1. Have a Clear-Out

Make sure your plant beds are clear of all dead foliage and cut away any dead stems. This will prevent the spread of rot. It will also stop insect eggs from growing and spreading.

2. Take It Inside

If you have green tomatoes, bring them inside over the winter. They will not be able to survive the cold weather of winter.

3. Tidy It Up

Winter is a great time to give your garden a tidy up. Clean and sharpen your gardening tools and perform any repairs needed.

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4. Mulch the Garden

The best way to keep your garden thriving through the cold winter months is to create a mulch to cover your soil. This protects it from excessive cold and repeated frosts.

The best thing to create mulch with is fallen leaves. A layer of leaves is a clever way for nature to protect itself against the cold. It will keep the garden at a consistent temperature.

Collect fallen leaves and leave them to rot, as leaf mould also discourages weeds. Then spread a layer of mulch over the soil around your plants, vegetables and flowers.

Garden Mulch

5. Roses

If you keep roses, don’t fertilise them after late summer. Don’t prune or cut blossoms—you don’t want to stimulate growth as it will just die at first frost.

If there is deep freeze coming, you might want to build a burlap shelter as added protection, as well as the mulch.

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Let It Snow

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6. Let It Snow

If it snows, don’t worry too much about your soil. Snow can actually protect your soil as it insulates and keeps it at a consistent temperature.

But, if it is heavy snow, it might weigh down your plant or tree branches and could break or damage them.

Knock the snow off each branch, starting from the bottom up since if you start at the top. The falling snow could further damage the lower hanging branches.

7. Save the Trees from Winter

If you have any young trees, you should protect the softer trunks with tree protectors. This will keep them safe from any animals that might try to gnaw and damage them throughout winter.

If this all sounds like too much work, you might want to think about hiring a gardener. Read this blog post for our top tips on how to hire the best gardener!

How are you taking care of your garden over the winter? 

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