Your Guide to LVT Flooring (Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles Best For Your Floor?)

November 1, 2019

Your floors have an important job to do within your home, no matter what kind of finish they have. Finding something that offers durability as well as an appealing aesthetic can seem like a challenge, but with LVT flooring also known as luxury vinyl tile you can achieve it all.  

Luxury vinyl tiles combine the best of both worlds — the look of gorgeous and rich flooring with a more forgiving finish. Plus, it makes for an easier install than choosing ceramic or other flooring options! 

Vinyl also keeps your costs down when compared to some expensive options like stone or wood. The durability of vinyl and variety of finishes makes it perfect no matter whether you want the look of wood, stone or concrete with a lower price tag. These floors will withstand all the demands of daily traffic and also satisfy you with their looks. 

Updating your floor doesn’t have to be expensive. With a wide range of prices that still include durable, attractive floor coverings, you are sure to find a flooring that works for your tastes.

Once you've chosen the LVT tiles for your home, simply submit a free request to find a local flooring installer!

Your Guide to LVT Flooring

What is LVT Flooring?

Also known as LVT flooring, these tiles are composed of vinyl that is made to look like real wood or stone. However, thanks to the man-made material, they are only a fraction of the price! 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT flooring is much easier to install too, meaning you can enjoy your new floors sooner! Unlike stone or ceramic, there’s no need for complicated adhesion and grouting products to ensure a perfect fit. 

Vinyl also makes these tiles easy to clean with normal household cleaners, so they are a great choice for any room in your home.  

Is Luxury Vinyl Better Than Laminate?

The finishes of luxury vinyl are often mistaken for higher-end finishes with much higher price tags! This can be a great way to add value to your home. 

Luxury vinyl may cost a little more than laminate, but it’s well worth it for the added benefits of its durability and looks. It’s also completely waterproof, an advantage over laminate, which is only water-resistant. You can use LVT comfortably in bathrooms or kitchens without being concerned over every spill.

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How Durable is LVT Flooring?

One of the major advantages of LVT flooring is the fact these tiles are waterproof and can withstand water and spills easily. This means you can add the look of wood flooring to your bathroom — or even your basement — without fear of damage! Your vinyl will never buckle or swell after being exposed to water and should look as good as the day of install for a very long time. 

kitchen with lvt flooring

These tiles are also created to be resistant to scratches and stains that can come from wear. If you think of the busy times in your home, such as the rush to get to work or make it to sports practice, you can appreciate your floor’s ability to keep up with your movements.

How to Lay LVT Flooring in 5 Steps

How to Lay LVT Flooring

1. Prepare Your Working Area

Before you start removing your furniture and getting the space ready, you’ll need to measure to ensure the right quantity of flooring is ordered. Measure both the length and width of the room to calculate the square footage required. Make sure to include the interior of closets too, and allow for extra if you are working around obstacles like fixtures or islands. 

Measure your floor area

Once you have selected your tile, be sure to read the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully. This will ensure you have the knowledge you need for proper installation. When your tile arrives, remove all furniture or appliances from your room to prepare for the next steps.


2. Remove The Old Floor

One of the advantages of using luxury vinyl tile is that it can often be installed right over an existing floor, like wood, concrete or even vinyl. 

Remove the old floor

Carpet and ceramic will need to be removed first. Inspect your floor for any nails or damage that may form an uneven surface for your vinyl.


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3. Improve Your Subfloor

If your floor has a texture, has been covered with a sealant, or it is in need of repair, you may need to apply a leveller to provide you with an even surface, especially over seams or uneven spaces.  


Smooth down or sand any uneven or high spots. Apply a primer for your flooring that is recommended for use with vinyl to improve adhesion. You may also need to add underlayment for your vinyl, depending on your subfloor. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for recommendations on what depth to use.


4. Install Your Tile

Mark a starting line in the centre of your room using a chalk line. This gives you a place to begin laying your tiles and keep them straight along these lines. 

Most luxury vinyl is offered as peel and stick, with adhesive already prepared on the tile. For these, pay close attention to the reverse as it indicates the pattern direction. Place a tile to butt up against the right angle where your lines meet. Then, continue placing tile. 

Laying the vinyl tiles

Other tiles are made to be grouted to look more like traditional floor coverings. Use tile spacers for these to leave room for grout. You’ll use adhesive to set your tiles, and once cured, use grout much like a ceramic tile installation.

5. Finish And Enjoy Your New Floor! 

After your tiles are installed, use a heavy roller over your entire floor to ensure your tiles stick properly. These can typically be rented from a home improvement store, a much more economical choice over buying one. Then all that's left to do is to enjoy your new flooring!

Vinyl Tiles



Over time, your floors can start to look worn — but with this helpful guide, you know they don’t have to stay that way! No matter which room is getting a new floor, luxury vinyl tile is a great choice. Adding LVT flooring to your home can make it look beautiful and tasteful, while still keeping your costs down. Then, when you've chosen your favourite LVT style why not hire a flooring installer to efficiently get your new flooring set up so you can enjoy it that much sooner!

Interested in learning more about alternative types of flooring? Have a read through our comprehensive Flooring Price Guide to compare flooring costs and find the best option for your project and budget.

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