Life Coaching vs. Counselling What Is the Difference?

February 25, 2021

Life coaching and counselling are great options if you are looking to improve your mental health and wellness, and discover a new outlook on life that helps you to achieve your goals. In this article written by Annie Fontaine, a professional Life Coach on Bidvine, she shares her insight on the differences between life coaching and counselling. Read on to learn more and find out which option is best for you!

The Difference Between Life Coaching & Counselling

Many people wonder whether there is a difference between life coaching and counselling, and sometimes they are confused for the same thing. Below you will learn about what the main benefits of each approach are, and which tools life coaches and counsellors use to help you find ways to improve your life. Ready? Then let's jump in!

What Life Coaches Do

Life coaches will work with you in a non-clinical setting. They will provide a safe place for you to open up and have a guided soul searching so you can overcome any of your negative beliefs. They look at your past and help you to see your future more clearly. Life coaches often focus on living in the present, instead of digging through the past. Simply put, life coaching is action-based and is built around your goals and aspirations.

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What Counsellors Do

Counsellors, on the other hand, provide their services in a clinical setting and deal with more severe mental health issues. They use evidence-based practice, such as mindfulness meditation and even hypnosis to get you past the roadblocks of life. A counsellor will set up a program for your development and will focus on making you “feel better” instead of making you “live and feel better”. That being said, there are some people who see better results when using a counsellor instead of visiting a life coach.


The Tools Life Coaches Work With

Life coaches usually work with action-based tools, such as goal setting (SMART Goals), personality assessments, and visual aids, such as The Wheel of Life. Most life coaches use positive psychology tools, such as questioning, exercises, long term planning, and reflection. You should not be surprised if a life coach asks you to start a journal and share it with him or her every week. 

Usually, life coaches will help you identify the priority areas in your life, so you can deal with the most urgent issues first. There are some easy tools you can use every day that will make your life easier and you can avoid taking medication. These include square breathing, yoga exercises, or music therapy. Life coaches have a wide range of tools that help you stay more focussed and balanced.


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Effective Counselling Methods

Depending on which school the counsellor follows, there are different strategies counsellors use. The most common approach is psychodynamic counselling. It deals with your subconscious beliefs and tries to reprogram your mind through various methods, such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming). Interpersonal counselling involves discovering your strengths and development areas, so you can use your skills and existing experience to overcome your personal problems. 

However, the counselling method that is closest to life coaching is client-centred therapy, focusing on helping you reach your full potential as a human being. Counsellors also often use medication which can aid recovery such as when there is a serious case of depression or anxiety.


Which Do You Need? Life Coaching or Counselling?

There is no easy answer to the above question. Of course, there are benefits of both. If you are a practical person and know exactly which area of your life is not working, contacting a life coach could be a great fit. They will help you discover hidden strengths that you can use to aim higher, whether it is in a personal relationship or a career you would like to improve. 

Annie Fontaine

Life Coach

Annie Fontaine is a London based life coach who mainly focuses on relationship issues, confidence, and career development. She helps you get in the driving seat of your own life and get rid of your limitations, so you can achieve your full potential. You can get in touch with Annie by clicking here to visit her Bidvine profile. You can also download her free report on how to improve your confidence.

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