10 Kitchen Flooring Ideas For a Beautiful and Modern New Look

October 22, 2019

Although it’s not the surface that gets the most attention, your kitchen floor is an important aspect of your overall kitchen aesthetic. It needs to be durable to withstand the heavy traffic a well-used kitchen receives as well as look good in combination with cabinets, countertops and backsplash.

There are many ways you can style your floor, from different materials and finishes to colours. There are even unusual approaches that will make your kitchen floor a conversation piece for entertaining! We’ve collected ten of the best ideas to find something that suits your style, budget and needs!

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10 Kitchen Flooring Ideas

10 Kitchen Flooring Ideas

1. Traditional Tile

Always a popular choice for your kitchen, tile flooring offers an easy to clean surface that also stands up to the daily traffic life brings. But it’s more than just practical. Since it’s available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, you can choose a style that suits your kitchen. 

Tile flooring in kitchen

However, some types of tile can be a bit cool underfoot. Porcelain or ceramic tiles, for example, are traditional materials that tend not to retain heat. While this is welcome in the heat of summer, you may want to look into in-floor heating as part of your kitchen renovation to make this a toasty transformation year-round!


2. Stone

Stone is a timeless natural material that has long been used as flooring in various tile shapes. It offers a sense of luxury while also grounding your kitchen’s look. The natural variance of stone gives a great option for colours, from dramatic marble to impressive slate and incredible warm tones of travertine. 

Stone Tile in Kitchen

Use the rich colours of stone in a minimalist kitchen to offset the severity with a warm and welcoming tone. It’s also a great addition to traditional painted cupboard fronts since stone adds colour variation.  

3. Vinyl

An affordable and durable option, vinyl flooring has also become very stylish! Offered in both sheet and tile styles, it can provide the moisture-resistance and cleanliness you’re looking for. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl tile is offered in a range of finishes to mimic ceramic, stone or wood, but without the cost or risk of damage from water and kitchen spills.


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4. Sustainable Bamboo

If you’re interested in flooring that is both cost-effective and attractive, consider bamboo flooring. Its wide range of grains and colours is comparable to hardwood but without the higher price tag. And if you’re concerned about the environment, this is a perfect choice. 

Bamboo Flooring

Since bamboo grows more quickly than traditional wood, it is much more eco-friendly to produce. Plus, it is flexible and durable, making this a great addition to any working kitchen.


5. Concrete

Contemporary and modern looks can be difficult to find with more traditional materials like tile. Concrete offers a unique take on flooring that is durable and very much at the height of style. 

Concrete Flooring

A concrete pour can be customised as well to suit. If the traditional grey colour does not suit your design, it can be stained to add colour and pattern. Texture can be added through a stamping process, or even tile-like lines if you prefer to have this look for your space.

6. Cork

Doing a lot of standing in your kitchen through meal preparation? Then you may be after a flooring option like cork, which feels padded under your feet. It also absorbs noise, making this a good choice for a busy kitchen. Keep in mind, however, that cork needs to be treated with a finish that makes it resistant to moisture. 

Cork Floor

The warm shades of natural cork make it a great choice against stainless steel appliances or neutral tones. Floor-grade cork is very durable and can be sanded and refinished like wood to refresh its look.


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7. Wood

Although not extremely moisture-proof, wood is still a great option for your kitchen. It adds a sense of history to your kitchen, working perfectly with vintage stylings in appliances and cabinetry. A natural-toned pine floor can make any kitchen look like it belongs in a country cottage. 

Wood Floor in Kitchen

If you want to give your wood flooring a bit of interest, choose a distressed finish on engineered hardwood to make it look well-loved or incorporate a pattern like herringbone as the floor is laid to make it the focal point of your kitchen.  

8. Laminate Wood

If you are interested in a wood look and keeping the costs down, consider laminate flooring. This comes in a wide variety of grains and stains to mimic the finest hardwood flooring. 

Wood Laminate Flooring

It also offers greater moisture resistance than real hardwood, acting as a perfect solution to many kitchen spills. It’s also very easy to install for a DIY project.


9. Carpet

It's not the usual choice for a kitchen floor, but carpet can have a place in your kitchen. It provides a nice footbed as the cook in the family prepares food, and can add some colour to a monochrome or minimalist space. It also warms it up and makes it feel cosy. 

Carpeting in Kitchen

For the best results, choose a washable rug over more traditional tile or wood flooring. This allows you the look plus the flexibility to wash the carpet as needed.


10. Paint

Depending on the current floor of your kitchen, a refresh may be possible with a coat of paint! This allows you to get a transformation practically overnight. 

Paint Brushes

Paint can breathe new life into a tired wooden floor, especially when you choose a gorgeous and impressive design like a geometric pattern. Or consider painting shapes of different shades to avoid a monotonous look that sometimes comes with single-tone wood.



Updating your kitchen floor will not only give you the satisfaction of a job done right, but you’re also going to bring up the value of your home. A good flooring surface in this well-used room can make this feel like a perfect space to spend time in. 

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