Your Complete Guide on How to Prepare Your Baby for Photos

February 25, 2021

Figuring out how to prepare your baby for a photo shoot can be stressful. So, to help reduce your stress we’ve put together this collection of top tips on how to prepare your baby for photos. That way instead of spending your time fretting about the photo shoot you can focus on spending time with your newborn bundle of joy.

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How to Prepare Your Baby For Photos

Schedule Ahead of Time

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Schedule Ahead of Time

It is important that you schedule your photography session ahead of time. If you would like a newborn photo shoot, in particular, many photographers recommend that the session takes place within the first two weeks after birth.

During your baby’s first two weeks they will be more likely to sleep through the session. This will allow your photographer to capture all of those adorable sleepy newborn photos you are looking for.

As it is ideal to have a newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks after birth, it is important to book your photography session beforehand. If you wait until after your baby is born there is a chance that your photographer may be all booked up within those first two weeks.

So, to ensure that your photo shoot goes smoothly and to reduce your stress, it is best to book ahead of time.

Bidvine Tip: Check out this article for inspiration on the best baby photography ideas. Then you can discuss these with your baby photographer ahead of time.

Keep Baby Warm

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Keep Baby Warm

An important aspect of ensuring a smooth photo shoot is keeping your baby warm and toasty throughout the session.

Hosting the photo shoot in your home? Some photographers recommend that it is best to keep the temperature on the warmer side at around 28 Celsius. This will help to keep your baby warm, especially if you plan on taking any photos where they won’t have a blanket.

Another top way to keep your baby toasty during a home photo shoot is to heat up blankets periodically in your dryer.

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Loosen Up Clothing

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Loosen Up Clothing

It is also important to loosen up your baby’s clothing and diapers before the photo shoot. This will give any little red marks that resemble clothing seams time to disappear before picture time.

If you are hosting the photo shoot in your home then use a blanket to keep your baby warm before the photo shoot. A loose blanket tucked around them is less likely to leave red marks than a tighter shirt or pair of pants.

Travelling to a photography studio instead? Don’t fret, you can still avoid red clothing seams by dressing your baby in a loose pair of pyjamas. It is best if these clothing items zip or button all the way down, as this will make it easier to achieve a variety of different baby photo poses.

Feed and Burp Baby Before the Shoot

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Feed and Burp Baby Before the Shoot

If your baby has a full tummy they are far more likely to be agreeable throughout a photo shoot. This is because they are more likely to fall into a deep sleep on a full stomach.

A content baby will make it easier for your photographer to capture plenty of sleeping baby shots. Plus, when your baby is asleep arranging them in all those adorable poses that you love will be much easier.

A full stomach will also help to keep your baby satiated throughout the photo shoot. Baby photography sessions commonly take around 3 hours, so this is important. If you are going to a studio for your baby photo shoot then it is also important to bring formula in case they get hungry midway through the shoot.

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Swaddle for Sleepiness

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Swaddle for Sleepiness

Babies like being wrapped up snugly in a blanket when they are sleeping. So, after you’ve captured all the photos of your baby where red marks from tight diapers or clothing might appear, swaddle your baby up. This will make them feel cosy if they are having trouble sleeping.

A sleepy baby makes for a smooth photo shoot so it’s a good idea to try swaddling them if they get fussy half way through.

Not to mention that pictures of your baby when they are all swaddled and cosy will make a top addition to any family photo album.

Bidvine Tip: For even more suggestions check out our article on the top baby boy and baby girl photo ideas!

Prep Yourself, Too

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Prep Yourself, Too

Chances are you and your partner will be in at least a few of the pictures as well. If you are all prepped before the photo shoot begins, you will be less stressed out, making the shoot easier on everyone.

If you’re not sure what to wear to the photo shoot, then it is best to speak with your photographer. That way they will be able to provide you with personalised advice. In any case, when choosing your outfit, it is best to avoid wearing a distracting pattern or a shirt with a large logo. These can distract focus from the picture.

Then, during the photo shoot don’t forget to have a good time too! Focus on simply enjoying the photo shoot to stay calm and relaxed while capturing these precious memories. Looking for more inspiration for your baby’s photo shoot? Take a look at this stunning newborn photography session for inspiration on how you can pose with baby during your photo shoot.

Baby Photo

Keep Your Calm

Keeping your calm is one of the most important parts of attending a professional baby photo shoot. While it may not seem important at first, after all, your baby is the focus, your calm is nonetheless essential. If you get anxious or begin to get stressed out then your baby may start to pick up on this and become stressed or fidgety themselves.

So, in order to ensure that your photo shoot runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to relax both before and throughout the photo shoot.

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