How to Paint a Room in 8 Simple Steps

October 16, 2020

Paint is an effective way to transform the look of a room. No matter if you are moving in to a new home or just looking for a fresh look in your space, paint can easily do the job with a bit of hard work and planning.

But before you pick up a paintbrush, consider how the professionals will do it. Their experience brings a level of skill to the job of painting and offers the best results, every time. Having a professional paint the room is a wise choice. Read on for the steps an expert painter will take during the process to help you get ready for the exciting project ahead.

How to Paint a Room in 8 Steps

How to Paint a Room in 8 Steps

Step 1: Make a Plan

Make a Plan

From start to finish, it’s important to follow a plan so everything runs smoothly. This will help to eliminate mess and mistakes. For a professional painter, the plan will determine when the painting will take place and what it will take to prepare. It will also outline the type of paint job, such as stripes, an accent wall or a single colour on all of your walls.

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Step 2: Pick The Colour or Colours

Paint Swatch

Now that a plan for painting the space has been determined, a professional painter will work on helping you select the colour. Although a painter will follow the homeowner’s lead or direction, they will still have input on the top shades in the running since they know what works well in the space. 

This includes matching the existing furniture or cabinets in the room, since you may not be interested in replacing these. It will also be evaluated to see how well it coordinates with flooring or backsplash. Your painter will bring samples into your space so you can see what it looks like so you can choose the right colour to freshen your walls.

Step 3: Pickup And Order Materials

Paint Roller

Before the work can begin, your painter will ensure the materials are on hand and ready. Your chosen paint colour will be ordered in the right sheen — from eggshell, satin or gloss — so it will be ready for painting. They are likely to make recommendations for the finish to suit the room you are choosing to paint. 

But beyond the paint itself, your painter will also make sure that paintbrushes and rollers are ready. Materials also include the drop cloths used to keep your space clean and paint-free and materials to clean up the brushes after the work is done.

How Much Paint to Get?

Thanks to their experience, a painter will be able to determine the right amount of paint for the job to reduce excess and cost. This will include calculating the square footage of the area to be painted and estimate how many coats it will take to cover. 

Based on the colour the surface is now, more paint may be required to cover. A deep, intense colour will take more to cover. Plus, going light over a dark colour may require a primer step or extra coats to get an even colour.   

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Step 4: Get The Space Ready

Prepare For Painting

Next, the painter will get the room set for painting. Preparation includes clearing it out to have enough room to easily move around and paint the surfaces. This may involve taking your furniture out of the room, but often it just needs to be shifted into the middle to give your painter the room to work. Your things will be covered with a drop cloth to keep them clean, so don’t worry! 

Your painter will also examine the walls to see if they have any damage that needs to be repaired first. They’ll also take a look at the ceiling to see if it could use a coat of paint to freshen it up. 

Step 5: Time to Paint!


With the room ready, a professional will be ready to move on to the painting stage. This tends to take the longest as each coat must be applied and thoroughly dried before the next coat can happen. Still, this process happens smoothly. Professionals typically start with one wall and work their way around the room during each coat. This way, the paint dries evenly. 

They’ll use a combination of brushing by hand and using a roller for the best coverage. Some pros will use a spraying system to cover large areas with an even coat.  

What About Primer? 

If your walls have been freshly plastered or are currently a dark colour, a primer coat may be needed. This helps seal the wall to create a blank slate that is perfect for paint application. For best results, a professional may recommend that a primer coat is used. 

Step 6: Tackle The Trim

Paint The Trim

Your trim may also need to be painted. Some great looks include the same colour as the wall or white for a clean, finished look. Or consider a daring contrast of colour on your trim while your walls are painted a more neutral white! 

Step 7: Check The Work

Paint Brush on Wall

Nearing the end of the job, your painter will now inspect the work that has been done. Although they will be evaluating during the painting for coverage and colour evenness, a final look over ensures that the work is perfect. If any areas need improvements, touch-ups will be completed.

Step 8: Cleanup!

Cleaning Supplies

After the paint is dry and everything has been painted to a high standard, the painting equipment can be removed. Drop cloths will be cleaned up and any mess cleaned up to only leave freshly painted walls in their wake so you’ll be ready to move back into your room with your furniture and start enjoying your new walls! 


Although it may seem simple, painting a room takes a few steps to do properly! With the help of a professional painter, getting ready and completing the project can be made so easy you can’t wait to get started. Get ready for a fresh coat of paint that will do wonders for the look of any room. 

Looking for more information on the cost to paint a room? Check out our handy Interior Painting Price Guide!

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Sulaimon Lasisi

Painter & Decorator

Inspired by his passion for painting and transforming clients’ homes, Sulaimon Lasisi set out to establish his own painting and decorating business in 2012. With 21 hires and counting since he created his profile, Sulaimon describes Bidvine as the best platform to advertise his business, win new clients, and pursue growth.

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How Did You Get Started With Your Painting and Decorating Business?

I started my painting and decorating business seven years ago in 2012 inspired by a passion for decorating around my own home.

I had always done the painting and decorating in my home before and then when I got a great new flat, the agency that owned the flat sent over a painter and decorator. I asked him if he needed a hand and then he took me on. After working with him as an apprentice for three years I decided to start on my own.

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