How to Clean Windows - 9 Steps to Perfectly Clean Windows

November 26, 2020

Could your windows do with cleaning? Easily learn how to clean windows in this simple step by step guide so you can enjoy perfectly clean windows in your home! 

Not sure if you'll have time to clean your windows regularly? Why not consider hiring a professional window cleaner who can get your windows sparkling with cleanliness so you can focus on what you do best!

How to Clean Windows - 9 Steps to Perfectly Clean Windows

How to clean windows

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies 

When hiring a professional to clean your windows, they’ll bring the appropriate equipment with them. This will save you money from investing in cleaning supplies that you won't use very often otherwise.

Cleaning Supplies

Using the correct supplies is the best way to clean windows. A professional window cleaner will usually bring equipment such as:

  • Buckets
  • Ladders
  • Sponges
  • Pressure washing brushes
  • Scrapers 
  • Cloths
  • Detergent 

This equipment ensures that they'll be able to clean your windows safely and efficiently. If you need window cleaning for second-story windows this safety equipment is of particular importance.

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Check The Weather

Choosing the right day to have your windows cleaned is essential for the best results. We suggest choosing a dry, cloudy day. Cleaning windows on a dry sunny day is also an option, however, the sun can create a strong glare.

Sunshine through windows

 Window cleaning on a rainy day should be avoided as the rain will prevent the cleaning from being its best and attract dirt to the cleaning solution on the windows.

Clean The Inside of Windows

You may have to do this step yourself however, some window cleaners are happy to clean the inside of your windows upon request. After all, what good is it cleaning the outside of your windows if you’re not going to clean the inside?

Cleaning the inside of the windows is easy. If doing it yourself, this can be done with either water or light cleaning detergent. You can make your own cleaner with water, vinegar, and soap detergent.


As well as cleaning the inside glass and seal of the window, it is essential to clean up any dirt or dust that has accumulated around the window. The best way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner, brush, and a microfiber cloth.

Bidvine Tip: It’s all good having clean windows, but make sure to clean all window accessories too. Washing your blinds or curtains will allow for a much cleaner look.

Remove The Dirt First

A professional window cleaner will remove the dirt and build-up of dust before properly cleaning your windows. This dust can be removed with a microfiber cloth, brush, or portable vacuum cleaner. 

Removing the dirt and dust before applying cleaner will prevent the window from turning into a muddy mess when the cleaning solution is applied.

Clean Window Frames 

Don’t forget the frames! A professional window cleaner will also remove dirt from the window frames. This is done with a cloth in a horizontal motion moving downwards.

Often the seal between the window frame and glass can be quite fragile. Therefore, it is advised not to use a detergent that is too strong. Instead, use water and apply gentle pressure to the window – this will prevent any damage to the seal.

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Allow Windows to Dry Thoroughly

Once your windows are clean, it is equally as important to allow your windows to dry thoroughly. Use a clean rag to wipe the window frames and remove any water left on the glass. Then allow the air to finish drying them completely.


When wiping the window panes, be sure to rinse your cloth as you go (or use multiple ones). This will prevent the build-up of dirt, keeping your newly clean windows clean! 

You’ll want to leave your windows to dry for a minimum of one hour before giving them a polish. This will be covered in more detail below.


Polishing Them For Shine

Once your windows are clean, some professional window cleaners also offer polishing services. Using polish is the best way to clean windows – especially when looking for that fresh and shiny finish.

Shiny window

Polishing is particularly useful if your windows are scratched. Polishing your windows can help minimise scratches while providing a beautiful finish, perfect if you’re looking to sell your house in the near future. 

Repeat Every 6 Months

Window cleaning is something that should generally be repeated at least twice yearly. This ensures that seasonal build-up can be easily removed from the windows to keep them looking their best all year long.

Professional window cleaner

This time frame is, however, dependent on the weather in the area you live in. Do you find that at particular times of the year that your windows get dusty and dirty quickly? Then you might need more frequent cleanings. If you're unsure of how often your windows should be cleaned simply ask your professional for their advice.


With these 9 steps to perfectly clean windows, you'll soon be enjoying windows that allow the sun to shine in and brighten your whole home! For the best results with your window cleaning project simply submit a free request to hire a window cleaner in your area!

Looking for more information on the costs associated with window cleaning? Check out our Window Cleaning Price Guide to easily start planning your budget.

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