7 Home Improvement Ideas For Budget-Friendly Renovations

November 26, 2020

The idea of transforming your home can be an exciting one! Whether it’s routine maintenance, an upgrade to improve function or a visual change, home improvement means it’s your opportunity to make your mark. From choosing a layout to colours and finishes, you are in control of getting the look you want.

Some projects can turn out to be expensive when you add in materials and labour costs. If you are trying to keep costs down, why not try some of these inexpensive ideas for home improvements? Read on for 7 of the best ideas to refresh your space without breaking the bank. 

7 Home Improvement Ideas For Budget-Friendly Renovations

7 Home Improvement Ideas For Budget-Friendly Renovations

1. Refresh Your Walls With Paint

Average Cost of Painting & Decorating: £300 - £1100

Painting & Decorating Price Guide

Interior painting may seem like an obvious idea, but it’s a smart one! A few litres of paint tends to be an inexpensive way to refresh your space, but it is effective. The range of colours available allows you nearly unlimited choice with this option. It’s also quick, allowing you to improve your home over a weekend or a few days. 

Painting and Decorating

This is a smart choice to update any room in your home with the right paint. Keep in mind that bathrooms or kitchens tend to deal with higher levels of moisture and would need semi-gloss paint whereas bedrooms or living spaces benefit from something with less sheen like eggshell.

Home Renovator Price Guide

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2. Why Not Try Wallpaper? 

Average Cost to Hang Wallpaper: £150 - £400

Wallpaper Installation Price Guide

Another way to update walls inside your home is with wallpaper! There are many stylish but inexpensive options for wallpaper available, so you are sure to find one that is appealing. This can dramatically transform a room and make it look extremely current with patterns both bold and subtle. Plus, wallpaper with texture is a great way to hide imperfections or irregularities in a wall, saving you the expense of an extensive repair.

Wallpaper Roll

If you’re not sure you’re ready for a big change, consider adding wallpaper as a feature wall. This can be a great way to refresh a room while still keeping the costs down.

3. Update Your Exterior Entryway

Average Cost to Hire a Door Installer: £20 - £30 / Hour

Door Installation Price Guide

Although it’s the first thing you see when you come home after a long day at work, it can be easy to overlook the outside of your home. It’s an area that can benefit from a little effort to transform it into something you look forward to seeing each day. Boosting curb appeal makes your home increase in value too. 

Front Door

To keep the costs down, consider simple updates like your house number plates or painting the door at the front of your home to create a feature. Stick with a colour that works with the other colours on the exterior. Black can be a powerful neutral that works for this transformation.

4. Revive Your Cabinets

Average Cost to Hire a Carpenter: £20 - £25 / Hour

General Carpentry Price Guide

Looking for an easy way to approach a kitchen remodel without a complete renovation? If your cabinets are in good shape, you can absolutely give them a facelift to breathe new life into your kitchen. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Beautiful wood cabinets may feel old-fashioned. Try switching out the drawer hardware and pulls for a more modern style in a trendy new finish. Or look into painting your cabinets for a dramatic revisioning of the space. You can choose to just paint the upper or lower rows of cabinets for an update on a smaller but still stylish scale.

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5. Add a Backsplash

Average Cost of Tiling: £180 - £700

Tiling Installation & Repair Price Guide

Depending on when your home was built, it may or may not have a tile backsplash in the kitchen. Not having one can date your home and make it feel out of touch. Thankfully, adding tile is not an expensive improvement and it can absolutely transform your kitchen to make it look brand new.

Kitchen Backsplash

Some tiles can be very costly, so it’s best to avoid those unless you are tiling a very small area. Don’t forget to allow room in your budget for grout and other materials too.

6. Refinish The Floors

Average Cost to Hire a Flooring Installer: £20 - £34 / Hour

Flooring Price Guide

If new floors are the dream, you’ll have to be creative. Replacing your flooring can be an expensive endeavour as the price of new hardwood or tile can be prohibitive, especially in the quantity needed for a larger area. If you do need to replace your flooring consider laminate or vinyl, these are a cost-effective option that creates a stunning aesthetic. Alternatively, you can sand and refinish your floors for a beautiful improvement. 

Modern Flooring

If that is still beyond your budget, consider some other options. Perhaps your floor is a candidate for a coat of paint that rejuvenates the space or look into a self-adhesive tile. These tiles can be found at any home improvement store and can change up your flooring in exciting ways. 

7. Add Window Coverings

Average Cost to Hire a Window Blinds Installer: £20 - £30 / Hour

Window Blinds Installation Price Guide

From shades and blinds to curtains and drapes, there are many options for easy-to-install coverings for your home. This allows you to control your privacy as well as filter the light into your home, but out of date coverings can make your home look tired. 

Window Blinds Installation

Take the time to source out inexpensive options for your windows. You can test out whether you prefer something that fits into your window frames, such as a hard material window covering like slatted blinds or roman shades. Soft material fabric curtains can be draped for a dramatic look or hang from a decorative rod. Both types will come in a variety of colours to suit your style.


Thanks to some great project ideas, transforming your home doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. You can work within a budget of any size, even if you don’t want to pick up the tools to do it on your own! 

Leaving work in the hands of the professionals can actually save you money because their expertise creates beautiful work every time. Plus, you won’t need to make costly investments into tools and materials to tackle different kinds of projects. 

Although some bigger renovations may be costly no matter what, such as remodelling a bathroom or kitchen, these other ideas we’ve outlined are simple and effective ways to improve your home to make it more enjoyable.

Looking for more information on the cost factors involved with a home renovation? Read our comprehensive Home Renovation Price Guide to learn everything you need to know!

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