10 Inspiring Hallway Paint Ideas That Will Elevate Your Home

October 28, 2019

The first area anyone sees when they enter your home is the hallway, so it’s important to get your hallway paint colour right. It sets the tone for your decorating style! It also gives people an impression of your home as a whole. 

The right decisions can make your home seem welcoming, fresh, and trendy. A coat of paint is a cost-effective and simple way to update your look. Plus, a good hallway design complements the rest of your home. 

We’ve collected 10 of the most inspiring hallway paint ideas to help you get started with your transformation. So read on to find the idea that sounds great for your space!

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10 Inspiring Hallway Paint Ideas

10 Inspiring Hallway Paint Ideas

1. Make It Inviting

With the right paint colour, your hallway can be the perfect welcome to you after a long day. Indulge in a colour for all seasons so this space will be inviting throughout the year. A pale or buttery yellow can be just the thing to see when you walk in the door.

Yellow Hallway Paint

Pastel shades of yellow can also brighten any hallway, creating a more spacious look by allowing natural light to reflect easily off of the walls.


2. Bright and Bold

If you love a bold look then, you may want your hallway to reflect your warm and inviting personality. Choosing a bright shade of red, green, or blue is the perfect way to add a bright modern burst of colour to your hall.

Bold Paint Colours

Energetic and fun these colours will make anyone happy to come over for a visit. It also creates a fun statement an adds a bold stylish look to your home.

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3. Scandanavian Fresh

Known for simple colour choices that nonetheless brighten up your space, selecting from a Scandinavian-inspired palette can be a great way to say your home is calm and fresh. Stick with one colour on your walls for the best effect. White is a classic look for this style. 

White Paint

If you want to indulge in colour, perhaps the contrast between blonde wood flooring and a rich, dusty-toned blue is one you wish to remember. Look for tones that can be found in nature to carry on the style through your entire hallway.

4. Cream of the Crop

A rich and timeless shade of cream is the perfect touch for an entry hallway. It contrasts well with darker wood tones like walnut or mahogany that may be present in your home, making your home seem classic and elegant. 

Cream of The Crop For The Hallway

For the best results with a cream colour, look for something that balances its warm undertone with a crisp white. This helps it remain firmly neutral in tone and perfect for any hallway.


5. Paint An Accent

You don’t need to choose a single paint colour in order for your hallway to have an impact. Instead, look for colours that complement to accent your walls in an attractive way. 

Choosing an Accent Colour

This can be done with a stripe that creates the look of a chair rail or travels around your room just below eye level. You can be creative with your colours here, such as a gorgeous deep blue with red as your accent.

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6. Relaxing Green

Proven to be one of the freshest and most tranquil colours, green is a great choice for your hallway. It will relax you whenever you're in the space so that you'll truly feel at home the minute you step through the doorway.

Shades of Green

From mint to forest and everything in between, there is a shade of green that will fit well for your space. To keep things bright opt for lighter green shades that will naturally reflect light from the windows in your front door.

7. Neutral Tones

Any room in your home can benefit from a carefully selected neutral palette. Whether it’s a soft dove or a deep charcoal, grey is always popular. 

Charcoal Grey Hallway

This is especially true in a hallway where you want your guests to feel calm as soon as they step inside. Plus neutral tones of grey and white make it easy to incorporate furniture and decorative touches of any colour.  

8. Pastel Perfect

Pastel is another great option. Shades of pale blue, a soft mint green, or dusty pink as shown in the picture below can be gorgeous in a hallway.

 Pale Pink

These colours will make your space seem larger, helping lift the appearance of ceilings and open up the space. These will also give your home a refreshing look, like a bright spring day.


9. Dark and Dramatic

Another approach for a hallway, dark shades are bold and filled with drama. A hallway in an ocean blue, burgundy or forest green can highlight your style and give your home a flair of mystery. 

Dark dramatic paint

10. Room for Contrast

Still looking for an idea that jumps out at you? Go for bold and fun contrasting shades! A striped pattern over your walls can really make this space stand out.

Striped Wall Paint

Consider shades of the same hue, such as a wide stripe in light and mid-range greys. Or go bolder yet with orange, grey, and white stripes that are sure to captivate the instant you step through the door. 


Hopefully one of these great paint ideas has inspired you with the possibilities for your hallway. Painting is a great project which can easily transform the look of any part of your home!

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