The Complete Guide to Getting Fit With Circuit Training

February 25, 2021

Exercise is a proven way to help you get healthy and feel great. From spending time on the treadmill to fitness classes to strength training, exercising helps you improve your fitness levels. Circuit training is the perfect way to give you the exercise you need in the form of a rewarding, high-intensity routine. 

This fast and fun type of training can be just the thing you need to refresh your exercise routine and rededicate yourself to the habit of getting healthy. It also offers some fantastic benefits that will help improve your life and your fitness level. 

Circuit training offers you access to a number of different kinds of exercises and activities, making it a great choice for an ambitious beginner. But it will still challenge someone who exercises often. So even if you’re a seasoned exercise aficionado, circuit training with a personal trainer could be a fun new way to exercise with plenty of health benefits. But first, let’s take a look at what circuit training is! 

What is Circuit Training? 

With circuit training, you move between several different exercises at timed intervals. These intervals last from anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You’ll start in a certain part of the room to do one exercise, and after your time is up, your instructor will tell you to move to the next section and the next exercise.

What is Circuit Training

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These exercises are usually guided by a trainer who knows how long you need to spend at one activity before moving on. Often, you’ll share the different exercise areas with other people so it’s a study in coordination! But you won’t need to worry about anything but following instructions and getting the most out of your exercise routine. 

Circuit training classes combine different exercises so you’ll see the most benefits for your efforts. Some will combine segments of cardio and muscle strengthening activities while others will focus strictly on one type. Both provide great benefits for your physical fitness and wellbeing, but you will want to find the one that works for you.

Types of Cardio Exercises

Cardio is a huge part of any exercise plan, and circuit training is no different. These exercises get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. You’ll want to make sure cardio is included in your circuit training for optimal results. 

Look for simple, easily-repeated cardio exercises that will allow you to meet the pace of your circuit training session. Need some ideas? Moves like burpees, jumping jacks, or even jogging in place will get your heart pumping. There are many variations on these basic moves that you’ll be introduced to in your classes, so you’ll be able to find out which ones you like the best and work from there.

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Types of Strengthening Exercises

Achieving strong and healthy muscles is possible with key exercises designed to build and tone your body. Incorporating these types of exercises into your circuit training routine will help you bulk up faster and firm up your arms, legs, and core. 

Types of Strengthening Exercises

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Just like with cardio, you’ll want to find easily repeated movements that suit the tone of your class. Work with dumbbells to target muscles in your arms with curls or extensions and use squats and lunges to work your lower body. You can even combine weights with other exercises for an extra boost.

Circuit Training For Beginners, Where do You Start?

Circuit training can be very intense. Since you move from one activity to the next it can be a more challenging way to exercise. However, your hard work will pay off with great results. 

Being in the right headspace will help you out too. Pump yourself up before your first circuit training class to keep your focus. This is key for getting through circuit training and being proud of your workout. 

During your warm-up allow yourself to focus on the workout rather than any of the day’s activities. This will help to refresh your mind too! It will also help to ensure you stay in-tune with your body so you’ll know if you need to take a break and rest.

What to Wear For Circuit Training

You might also wonder what the appropriate clothing is to wear for your sessions. The most important thing to consider is whether the clothes you choose are making you comfortable! This could mean leggings or looser workout pants or something in between. 

What to Wear For Circuit Training

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Since you move between each activity quickly, you won’t want to be fussing with what you wear and wasting valuable workout time! Remember to wear running shoes that allow you proper grip while working out.

Classes or Home Training?

If you are a beginner to exercise, try and find circuit training classes to get you started. Your instructor will be able to guide you to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly. This will also help keep you from injury. 

If you’d rather workout on your own, then try training at home. An instructor can also guide you through exercises one to one if you’d rather not go to a class. 

When planning the workout they may choose about 10 exercises for your session. This could mean all cardio or all strength activities or a mix of both. High-intensity exercises that get your heart rate up are the best to choose. 

Do each move for about 30 to 60 seconds or set a number of reps. If you’re training on your own, you may want to choose a time duration as it’s easier to track. Go through all the exercises you have planned at least once. Then, you can go through the circuit again until you feel like your workout is complete.

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4 Top Circuit Training Benefits

The health benefits of physical activity can offer you are many. Anything from reducing your risk of developing diseases to making you feel better right now in your everyday life! Circuit training has some great benefits that come with the fast pace and intensity. So if you choose this type of exercise, you’ll be set to achieve your goals.


One great thing about circuit training is that it trains your body in a way that improves your everyday life. You aren’t just training, but moving between exercises. Running from the treadmill to the weights to aerobic exercises like jumping jacks mimics the hustle and bustle of regular life in a way since you are constantly shifting gears to the next task. So circuit training improves how you can handle the regular tasks too! It improves your balance and agility, and you’ll be healthier after circuit training.


Circuit training is no walk in the park. And since you’re constantly moving in and between your exercises, it keeps your heart rate up.


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This is the perfect way to help you burn calories and get fit! So circuit training can actually help boost your metabolism to kick your carbs to the kerb.

No Plateaus

This pace also helps keep you moving upwards towards a healthier you. With some exercises, you may experience what’s called a plateau. This is where your body gets used to the exercise you are doing and you won’t see any further gains in terms of strengthening, toning, or weight loss. Your body needs to be challenged for the best workout results. Circuit training is different practically every time. You can shake it up further by rearranging each session with a different starting “position” on the exercise you choose. This keeps your training fresh and your body primed for results.


It’s also a lot of fun! You won’t get bored when you’re moving quickly from exercise to exercise. You’ll stay on your toes with the fast pace of circuit training. You won’t have a single second to dwell on a move you don’t like – it will be over in just a few seconds so it’s a fairly enjoyable exercise experience.


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It could feel like you’re being swept off your feet, but it’s also very enjoyable! Time will go by very quickly as you work out so you stay engaged. This will help keep you motivated, so you are ready for each new circuit of exercises as you turn up at the gym!


Circuit training is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout that really delivers a punch. You can focus on cardio or strength training and give your body a real boost. Best of all, it is an option for those new to exercise and those who are exercising regularly. If you want an exercise that will kick your butt on the way to getting you in shape, this is the one for you!

Now that you’re prepped and ready for circuit training, it’s time to find your first class or start your own routine! So get changed and get ready for your heart to pump a little faster. Your circuit training session will get you in shape!

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