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March 12, 2021

With over a decade of experience working as a cleaner Carmen of Carmen Cleaning & Housekeeping Services turned to Bidvine to find private cleaning jobs and grow her business. Read Carmen’s story to hear how she’s keeping busy, improving her profile, and her plans for the future as restrictions begin to lift.

Carmen Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

Getting Started as a Professional Cleaner

In 2008 I came to London and started working as a cleaner with my sister, and I’ve been working as a cleaner ever since. When I started out I was self-employed and then after two years, in 2010 I started working as an employee of a cleaning agency as well. 

I continued working with the cleaning agency until last October. In October, the covid-19 furlough from the cleaning agency I worked with wrapped up. 

I decided to focus on finding private cleaning jobs. So now I’m running my own business and I have a small team with two other cleaners.

My Bidvine Profile Highlights My Experience

In October, I started searching and Bidvine was first. I created an account and then a profile. I started with some little things and when I got emails about improving my profile, I started to put more up. 

Then the success team helped me to improve my profile by describing my work and company. Since 2008, I’ve been continuously working as a cleaner. I used to work in offices and schools so I’ve gained a lot of experience. Bidvine helped me to put my business in a very good light.

Domestic Cleaner Price Guide

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Price Range

With Bidvine I’m Confident in My Business

The point I knew Bidvine would work for me was when I received an email about opening up a Tide banking account. In the past I had been thinking of opening up a similar Tide account. 

When I got that email, I said something is good here. Bidvine has many opportunities. Bit by bit I’ll get more work and thanks to Bidvine I’m more confident. Everyday is different and exciting for me.

Cleaning Services

If You Want to Work You Can Get Work Immediately

Customers are still looking to hire cleaners. I’ve got two domestic cleaning clients right now with Bidvine, and after the second session with my clients I’ll ask them to put a review on my profile. 

When you open the Bidvine App you have a chance, you have opportunities, and if you want to work you can get work immediately.

Domestic Cleaners near you
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Offer The Best Services to Customers

When I start working for a customer I am very clear and prompt. Every customer wants a different type of cleaning and you have to be flexible. I’m also very motivated, I don’t leave the place that I’m cleaning without checking everything first. I want to please everybody.

I’m Optimistic About The Future For My Business

I’d like to develop my business more to focus on commercial cleaning. I plan to keep domestic cleaning and then focus 70-80% of my business on commercial cleaning.

This year in the summer as offices open up I think there will be more commercial cleaning jobs. We have to see, but I am optimistic.

Interested in hiring Carmen? Click here to visit Carmen’s Bidvine profile. 

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