What to Expect During Your First Life Coaching Session

August 12, 2020

If you're considering working with a life coach, then you might have found yourself wondering what life coaching sessions are like. Read this article written by Kathy Prudom, a professional Life Coach on Bidvine to find out what to expect during your first session from setting goals to building a rapport with your coach!

What to Expect During Your First Coaching Session

Deciding to reach out and take the plunge into life coaching can be a big decision. It means you have decided to change something in your life that is making you unhappy or perhaps you have decided to achieve a specific goal. Before your first coaching session, you might have feelings of excitement, feel a little nervous, or even curious.

What Happens During Your First Session?    

Undoubtedly your coach will run through important admin issues with you again and they will give you a brief overview of the coaching process. Plus, you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions about the timing and location of sessions, record keeping, confidentiality etc. Once these issues are out of the way the session will start in earnest.


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You Will Start Identifying Goals

During the session, your life coach will concentrate on finding out what makes you tick. They will also look at what your ambitions in life are and why you want to achieve these. The focus will be on your objectives, what you want to get out of life, what areas you are unhappy with, and where you see yourself ending up. Gaining this knowledge is the springboard for future sessions as it will allow you to work towards your goal.

So, during your first session, it's highly likely that you will set a specific goal or perhaps gain an understanding of what you want to change in your life. But what else happens?

Building Rapport With a Life Coach


You’ll Build a Rapport With Your Life Coach

The second biggest aim during the session is for you and your coach to start building your relationship. Effective and enjoyable coaching will only happen if you have a solid relationship with your coach. It is about having the right chemistry and rapport. This is a somewhat natural process, nevertheless, your coach will use various skills, techniques, and approaches to open deep and meaningful conversations.

The strength of your relationship with your coach is one of the most important factors of successful coaching that is why it is a vital part of your first session. In fact, many coaches offer an ice breaker session to act as a warmup to the first session.  

At this point, you might be thinking what if I do not hit it off with my life coach? Remember this is your time and investment. You will be bearing your innermost thoughts and experiences to your life coach, so it is vital to take the leap and find another coach. Life coaching is a rich and rewarding process. It is one that will benefit everyone. But sometimes, it takes a bit of time to find the right fit.

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Let's Summarise

Your first session is unlike subsequent coaching sessions as your coach will be gathering core information about you. You'll discuss how coaching operates and what you can expect from it.

You will look at what you want to change or achieve in your life and define specific goals. You might even start to look at your goal in detail such as barriers to it or other options.    

A big part of your first session is getting to know your coach and creating a good rapport. Your life coach will be very skilled in this area with excellent communication skills and the ability to build a safe and positive setting for you.         

What Happens Next?

You and your life coach will do a quick recap of the session - key insights, what you achieved from the session, confirm specific goals identified, or areas for further exploration.

Coaching is a highly active process so you might also agree on activities to complete in between sessions, then of course you will book in your next session. Plus, your life coach will ask you to set aside some time to think about the session. It's an important way to close your first session and to inform the next one.  

Two Thoughts to Wrap it up

Remember every life coach and client is unique so it goes without saying that no two coaching experiences will be the same.

Leaving your first session you will feel motivated, supported, and like you are heading in the right direction.

Kathy Prudom

Chrysalis Life Coaching & Mentoring

Kathy Prudom

Hi there, I'm Kathy Prudom, an ILM accredited, experienced, intuitive, and supportive Life Coach!

My aim is to help others make changes happen so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. I develop bespoke coaching programs for my clients involving practical activities, reflection, and discussion to enable them to identify specific goals and outline steps to get there. This brings greater empowerment, happiness, confidence, and awareness.

Working in the Police Service for 30-years skilled me in staff support, solution-focused approaches, business management, and professional development. Importantly as a specialist Hostage and Crisis Negotiator for 16 years, I developed exceptional communication skills and built connections with those in crises.

My decision to move into coaching came at a time in my life when I needed a change in direction and greater autonomy over my working life. I found a natural synergy with life coaching where I could use my wealth of expertise, empathy, and passion to work with both private and corporate clients.

When I am not coaching, I pursue a range of activities including walking, stargazing, and meditation. I also love spending time with my young son and partner.

Interested in booking a life coaching session with Kathy? Click here to visit her Bidvine profile.

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