Six DIY Ideas for Your Dorm Room Decoration

February 25, 2021

Moving into a new place at university is one of the biggest steps in a young adult’s life and when you’re staying away from your family for the first time, it’s extremely important to make yourself feel at home as quickly as possible. There are plenty of ways to put your own stamp on your new room and create impressive DIY décor that will be the envy of the other students, but these tips can be great even if you are moving into your first flat on a shoe-string budget. Read on for some thrifty and stylish inspiration. 

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Brighten your mirror with a fake flower border

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Make a plain mirror look so much more impressive with a little help from some fake flowers. This DIY design can be switched to fit pretty much any colour scheme and is totally eye-catching and intricate.

An iPhone holder that fits around the plug

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Small, decorative and completely practical, this attractive DIY is made by papering over an empty plastic bottle (this was lotion) and cutting into this shape. Everyone needs to charge their phone and this transforms an awkwardly placed electrical outlet into a cute room feature. 

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Make this cute pen holder out of a shoebox and some toilet roll tubes

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If you’re studying art, or any subject that requires a lot of drawing/writing utensils, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them. The above DIY idea is so simple and cheap to make, and it looks great. All you need is a shoebox and some toilet roll tubes. 

Create an awesome lighting piece with some tube lights

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Fairy lights are a staple in any cosy bedroom and these tube lights are ideal for getting creative with lighting. Inspirational or meaningful words can make a lovely centrepiece as well as bringing some mood lighting. 

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Get some privacy with a well placed curtain

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If you’re sharing your dorm room with someone else, then a light curtain with a stylish pattern can bring some much needed privacy as well as bringing some boho chic. 

A handy and space-saving way to store your laundry

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This handy hanging laundry bag is a great space saver, which can be much-needed in a smaller than average dorm room or flat. It’s made out of a pillow case and an embroidery hoop and hung off a door hanger, it’s the perfect size for tidying away your dirty clothes between washes.

If you need help with setting up your new place, why not hire a furniture assembler or handyman? If you are off to your dorm room this autumn, we’d love to hear your DIY decoration ideas!

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Not sure you'll have time to get your furniture all set up? Make furniture assembly a breeze when you hire a local furniture assembler on Bidvine!

Kitchen rack

1. IKEA Storage Hacks for Your Pantry

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Cutting board

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If you want to hire a professional for IKEA furniture assembly, submit a free request on Bidvine. You’ll get custom, detailed bids from local professionals who are ready to help!

Let’s get into the 12 best IKEA kids bed hacks! Feel free to save them to your Pinterest board for future reference, we know you’ll want to make these beds a reality in your home.

IKEA Kura Bed Hacks

1. The Most Awesome IKEA Kids Bed Ever

We featured this bed in a previous post, but we just had to share it again!

Ikea Kids Bed

Image Credit

This bed is made up of 3 different pieces of IKEA furniture, all combined to make a loft bed with a slide down to the kid’s room. So, your child could either use the little ladder or the slide to get out of bed in the morning. With the bookshelf and storage unit, the bed also has built-in storage for all of your kid’s books and toys.

2. Minimalist Castle IKEA Bunk Bed

For a toned down look, this simple castle bunk bed is perfect! Instead of a traditional bunk bed, this setup features one bed on the ground and one lofted above a play space. There are also spots for your kids’ books so your kids can read in bed before they go to sleep!

Ikea Kura Castle

Image Credit

You can fill the play space with anything you like, and theme the entire structure around your kids’ tastes. The best part about having a minimalistic castle bunk bed is that you can use accessories to change the theme whenever! Painting kids’ furniture with chalkboard paint or whiteboard paint will allow them to draw and express their creativity by changing the look of the furniture. If you want to learn about more uses of chalkboard paint, check out this article.

3. IKEA Loft Bed with a Climbing Wall

If you have a particularly active child, this IKEA kids bed hack is ideal for them. It starts off with a basic loft bed, but there is a piece of wood attached that your kid can climb up as if it’s a climbing wall.


Ikea Kids Bed With Climbing Wall

Image Credit

You can add storage underneath to create a bit of a play area under the loft bed. When your kid gets older, you could even add a desk underneath to create a teen study zone. more

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