How to Create The Perfect Bridal Hair and Makeup Look Step by Step

November 26, 2020

Weddings are a time of celebration, bringing together a couple in love with their friends and family. If you’re at the heart of the planning, it’s exciting to decide where you will exchange your vows, what decorations you will have, and what to put into your colour scheme! 

But the planning doesn’t stop there. There is also what the wedding party will look like — and for the bride, this is a momentous decision! After all, at the heart of nearly every wedding is the bride! A little pampering here doesn’t go amiss, and when it comes to the bride’s hair and makeup, it’s practically expected! 

It just makes sense to book a professional for your wedding day so you can go into your day with confidence and a spectacular glow. But if you aren’t sure what it will take to create a memorable look for a wedding, read on for a step by step breakdown of what to expect.


Creating Perfect Bridal Hair and Makeup Step By Step

Creating Perfect Bridal Hair and Makeup Step By Step

Step 1: Looking For Inspiration 

A bride will typically share her favourite wedding looks with a hairstylist before any agreement is made to see what is possible. Images are often sourced from social media wedding and hair hashtags, but may also come from the stylist’s own portfolio. These images can range in style quite significantly, so it’s the professional’s job to find common themes to help narrow it down to a bride’s ideal look. 

Some of the most popular hairstyles for weddings include the low chignon, romantic waves, or a fancy updo. A professional will be well-versed in each of these and able to create something for the bride that is unique. Vintage looks are also still in favour — and can be the perfect thing for a bride with a classic approach to her special day. 

With these photos, a hairstylist will get a strong idea of the bride’s sense of style to prepare the perfect hair and makeup looks. 

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Step 2: Learning About The Bride

The next step a stylist will take is to find out more about the bride-to-be, beyond the inspired photos. This may take place as a simple conversation or via email. A stylist needs to know more about the wedding, such as what the venue is like. Will there be an outdoor portion that makes an updo the preferred option? 

This is also where a stylist learns about the bride’s personality. Does she like to wear her hair up most of the time, making a loose style less desirable? Is her everyday makeup look natural or does she favour a more vibrant style? Is vintage the answer to all of the above? No matter the answer, a stylist will acknowledge any personal preferences so the look is well-suited.  

Above all, this look needs to work with the overall theme of the wedding and, of course, the dress! Having the bride send a snapshot of her dress can help the stylist hone in on the perfect hair and makeup. 

Step 3: Trialling Hair And Makeup

This isn’t a required step, but one that is very popular for good reason. It allows the bride a chance to meet with a potential hairstylist to see what look they will create, and the hairstylist a chance to see the bride’s natural hair to know what they will be working with.  

Step 4: Styling The Bride’s Hair 

Next, the expert will style the bride’s hair according to the inspiration photos. Often, an expert will try out two different styles to see what the bride prefers, such as a complex updo versus something more simple. The key for this is to find out what the bride would like. 

If the bride has any accessories, such as a veil, flowers or a decorative clip, it will be used at this stage to allow the bride to visualise herself on the big day. This also ensures that the hairstylist can work with it properly. 

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Step 5: Creating a Makeup Look

The approach for makeup is very similar, as it should make the bride feel like herself — but more polished in light of the big day. The artist will get to know what a bride’s typical makeup routine is like, so they can simply build on this to create a beautiful look. 

Bridal Makeup

Typically, wedding makeup sticks with the classics. A vintage look with a bold lip may be popular if the bride wears lipstick. However, the natural look is very popular as it allows the bride to draw attention to her eyes with tasteful yet dramatic makeup. 

Step 6: Reviewing The Results 

After the bride has had a chance to move around with her trial style, a stylist will chat with the bride to see how it went and to address any issues. This can include the hairstyle slipping too soon or having lip colour wear off. The stylist will use this feedback to adjust the style for the best results.

Step 7: Making The Big Day Beautiful 

On the big day, it’s a professional hair and makeup artist’s job to take care of the bride and make her look her best! An expert will either work out of their home salon or studio, or travel to the bride’s venue to get her prepared onsite. 

Hairstylist for bridal hair

Typically, hair is styled first so any hot tools won’t ruin the makeup. After hair is complete, it will be time to bring the beautiful makeup look to life. All hair and makeup looks are generally completed at least an hour before it’s time to get dressed — so the rest of the wedding can commence! 


Make your big day the best it can be by working with a professional hair and makeup artist. You’ll get the exact look you want to make your photos amazing, while still looking great in person. It just makes sense to have an expert bring out your beauty to give you confidence as you approach the ceremony and photos. 

With these steps in mind, you will know exactly what to expect during the transformation so you can find the right professional. We’re here to make your experience stress free, from the search to the day of the wedding itself.

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