Catering - 6 Simple Yet Stunning Canapés

October 7, 2020

Thinking of throwing a party? Cooking a meal for a large number of people can be extremely stressful and difficult; not to mention it isn’t even an option for many people who don’t have the cooking space. The best way to feed a group of your friends when they come around is canapés. Small, easy to serve, and extremely tasty, canapés come in many forms.

Canapés can help you catering to plenty of different diets: vegan, vegetarian, lacto-free and gluten-free. They are the perfect solution for different requirements and offer so much variety. The other great thing about canapés is that people can mingle as they eat—you won’t have to worry about seating plans or people getting stuck beside someone they don’t like all evening —canapés keep everyone happy. Whether you want to make them yourself or hire a caterer for your party, have a look at the selection below for some cheeky inspiration.

Aubergine and feta canapés

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These aubergine and feta bites are perfect for vegetarians. Simply slice an aubergine longways, grill and wrap around a feta and yoghurt mix with some tomato and basil. Simple, fresh, delish. 

Salmon and cream cheese bites

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These delicate salmon canapés are easy to make but make a big impact. Get some thinly sliced bread and spread with cream cheese and pesto. Make triple layer sandwiches and cut into fingers. Cover the fingers with thin slices of smoked salmon and then use a sharp knife to cut into bites as above! Voilà!

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Fun and fresh penguin canapés

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These cute penguin canapés would be ideal for a kids party or for a bit of fun. Made with black olives, mozzarella balls and carrots, these are intricate, eye-catching and above all, delicious. They will also put a smile on even the most morose guest’s face. Look at how cute they are!

Churros and chocolate

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Making churro bites is on the difficult side, so maybe only attempt this one if you’re more experienced in the kitchen. However, there’s no denying these sugary morsels surrounded by chocolate sauce look irresistible.

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Chorizo and prawn canapés

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One for the meat-eaters! These succulent snacks are simply grilled prawns with slices of cooked chorizo—packed full of flavour.


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Another veggie option and extremely simple to make. Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and a little bit of basil—simples!

We hope this has given you some ideas and inspired you to throw your own party to put your canapé skills to the test!

If the kitchen is not your forte, then why not hire a caterer for your next shindig?

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When you've found your favourite wedding cake then simply submit a free request to bring your dream cake to life with a wedding caterer.

 Snowflake Wedding Cake

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1. Snowflake Wedding Cake

There is nothing that says winter quite like snowflakes. It is always fun to look at your mittens when the snow is falling and see all the little snowflakes. So, if you are holding a winter wedding, then there is no better cake than a snowflake cake! You can be sure that a snowflake wedding cake will leave all of your guests in awe.

If you love the idea of a snowflake cake, then why not carry the theme throughout, with snowflake wedding decorations. An event decorator and designer can help you choose enchanting snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, adorn your glassware, and decorate the invitations and centrepieces.

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Frosty Sheet Music Wedding Cake

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2. Frosty Sheet Music Wedding Cake

Do either you or your partner have a musical inclination? Then this frosty sheet music wedding cake is the perfect solution. There are two main things we adore about this cake. First, we love how elegantly the sheet music is draped over the three tiers of the wedding cake. Then second, we love how both the blue rose petals scattered around the cake and white roses give it a delicate frosty feeling. This is undoubtedly the perfect winter wonderland wedding cake for a musical couple!

Winter Glitter Cake

Image Credit

3. Winter Glitter Cake

Make your wedding sparkle with a winter glitter cake! There is just something about the way the snow sparkles on a winter’s day. You can capture nature’s glamour for yourself with a glittery wedding cake. Just look at how the light sparkles off the icing!

This baker has also added a vibrant pop of colour. The deep red of these icing roses marks this cake as nothing if not spectacular!

Would you like a similar cake for your wedding? Submit a request for a wedding cake baker through Bidvine and get custom, detailed bids for your wedding cake!

Gold Cake

Image Credit

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9 Delicious Summer Pudding Recipes You'll Really Love

The warmer weather is finally here, and with it comes more opportunities for outdoor parties. If you have a dinner party or other event coming up, you’re likely looking for some lighter dessert options to discuss with your event caterer. Traditional bread pudding or other heavy desserts just won’t cut it during the summer. That’s why we’re bringing you our favourite summer pudding recipes!

For the uninformed, summer pudding is a traditional British dessert made from simple ingredients you probably already have in your home. Most summer puddings are made from sliced white bread, fruit, and fruit juice. The dish works best if the bread you use has gone a bit stale so that it can hold its shape after being saturated with fruit juice.

Summer pudding has been around since the 19th century and is still popular today due to its flavour and how easy it is to put together. What’s best about summer berry pudding is the fact that you have to put it together a day or two before your party. This means that you don’t have to be running around your kitchen baking a dessert before your guests arrive!

If you’d like to take your event to the next level, we recommend sending out personalised invitations to your guests! On Bidvine, you can find a local invitation designer and printer who can make your guests feel special. Click to submit a request for bids from invitation designers on Bidvine:

Now, let’s get into our favourite summer pudding recipes from across the web!

9 Tasty Summer Pudding Recipes

Classic Summer Pudding

Image Credit

1. Classic Summer Pudding

The first summer pudding recipe on our list features a traditional recipe with elevated ingredients. While many summer pudding recipes call for inexpensive white bread, this recipe features Brioche bread. Using Brioche bread in your pudding will bring an extra level of panache to your meal-ending dish.

Check out the recipe for this classic pudding here!

Fruits used: Raspberry, blackberry, redcurrant, and strawberry

delia summer pudding

Image Credit

2. Delia Smith Summer Pudding

What is an English meal without a recipe from Delia Smith? Delia’s recipe for this summer staple features soft fruits and white bread. She recommends that you serve your pudding with thick pouring cream, clotted cream, or crème fraîche as a topper. This pudding is sure to impress your dinner guests, and is a quintessentially English dish!

Head over to Delia Online to see her recipe.

Fruits used: Redcurrant, blackcurrant, and raspberry

jamie oliver summer pudding

Image Credit

3. Jamie Oliver Summer Pudding

Another iconic British chef, Jamie Oliver, has his own take on this pudding made with summer berries and white bread. Jamie’s recipe includes using the juice of an orange in your berry mixture. It also includes vanilla paste, which brings a special element to the recipe. In the recipe, he also slathers the bread with jam before adding it to the pudding form to prevent it from getting too soggy. We love that touch, and you could probably incorporate it into any recipe on this list!

Find Jamie’s recipe by clicking here.

Fruits used: Raspberry, redcurrant, strawberry, blackberry, and blackcurrant more

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