8 of The Best Makeup Ideas to Feel Stunning at Every Event

November 26, 2020

Attending a special event is something to forward to. Getting a chance to dress up may not be something you get to do every day. It’s critical not to forget about a makeup style that will make you feel great. 

No matter whether this is an anniversary, a work celebration or a spectacular gala, we have great ideas for your makeup so you can focus on having a great time. Read on for the best ideas for any event.

Once you've chosen your favourite look, be sure to bring it to your event hair and makeup artist. Having an idea of what look you'd like for an event is great way to prepare ahead of time.

8 of The Best Makeup Ideas For Events

8 of The Best Makeup Ideas to Feel Stunning at Every Event

1. Embrace Your Natural Beauty

The natural look is a popular choice for a stunning event look because it simply amplifies your beauty. 

This can be a great choice if you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup but still want to look fantastic for a special occasion. A natural makeup look is by no means plain, taking inspiration from the natural blush colour of your skin or the shade of your lips.

2. Glitz, Glam And Gorgeous! 

Special events don’t happen every day, making one on your calendar a great opportunity for a glamorous look. From false lashes to dramatic eye makeup, take the chance to channel your inner movie star. 

Bold Eyeliner From a Makeup Artist

Characterized by bold lines and colours, this look will satisfy your need for glamour with skilled cat eyeliner and a professional-looking pout in a stylish shade that matches your outfit. You’ll look and feel like a million by choosing to indulge your dramatic side with fancy makeup. 

Just keep in mind that this look does best at galas and evening gatherings that allow you to dress up to match the fabulous makeup you have on.

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3. Shimmer And Shine

Fancy events tend to have a certain allure that you can carry through to your makeup look. A bit of glitter or shimmer in your makeup can be a tasteful way to draw attention under the lights. As it comes in many colours, this look can work no matter your choice in gowns or outfits. 

Glimmering Eyeshadow

There are some great products out there to offer you a subtle gleam or help you extend that into full-face, show-stopping shine. This look can be adjusted to suit your event, such as highlighting your cheekbones or offering a shimmery eye that is hard to beat. 

4. Relive a Vintage Look

Retro looks don’t need to stay in the past! A vintage take on your makeup is beautiful and classy. Typically this look will include a dramatic cat eye with false lashes to properly amp up the drama around your eyes. A bold lip is simply a must for this look too, often overdrawn to make this the feature of your face.   

Vintage Event Makeup

It’s a beautiful look that doesn’t go over the top so it could even work for every day. Going for a vintage style at a special event will help you channel old-fashioned glamour like a classic movie star.  

5. Bronzey and Beachy Keen

For a just-got-back from vacation look, aim for bronze tones and tasteful highlights. This is a tried and tested method to bring out a healthy glow that looks great on everyone. Pairing this with loose waves and you can have a romantic look suitable for an outdoor event.

Beach Inspired Makeup

This makeup look comes from carefully chosen shades that feature golds, tawny browns and a bit of the shimmer you’ll want to highlight your features. 

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6. A Classic Smokey Eye

This versatile makeup look is always popular at big events and has been around since the middle of the 20th century, but it has kept up to more modern changes in style with enthusiasm.

classic smokey eye

With this makeup look, your eyes remain the focal point regardless of the colour palette you are working with. Inf act, a smokey eye look can be achieved with slate, umber, taupe and even peach tones! Just go for a range of medium to dark shades to achieve the smokey look.

7. All Matte Looks

One look that is highly popular right now is matte. From your foundation to the colours you choose for your eyes and lips, this look is here to stay. 

Matte Lipstick

It’s also wonderful for an eye-catching look that stands out in a field of shimmer and shine. Pairing matte with a neutral palette offers a great look that feels natural even as it brightens up your look. 

8. Rock a Bold Lip 

For a truly stunning event look, layer on a fantastic colour for your lipstick choice. This look is wonderful because it doesn't matter what your normal tastes are in makeup, you can indulge with bold colour as the look’s feature. From fuchsia to plum, from orange to navy, you’re sure to find a shade that completes your look.

Bold Lipstick

Pair a bold lip with groomed brows and simple eye makeup that allows your choice of lipstick to take centre stage. Neutral or a complimentary shadow and mascara are all you need to let your lips get the attention they deserve. 


With these great makeup ideas for inspiration, now it's time to put it all together with the expertise of an event makeup artist to create your favourite look ahead of your next big event on the horizon!

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