Before They Were Famous: 11 Celebrities Who Used To Be Tradesmen

February 25, 2021

The arts can be an unreliable career choice, there are millions of actors and budding musicians who spend their entire lives waiting for their big break. This means actors and musicians have often had a whole host of careers before they started acting or before they hit the big time. Having a trade is a reliable skill and something that can often allow flexible working hours – the perfect breadwinner for a wannabe artiste! Read on to find out which of your favourite actors used to be tradesmen.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image: Thomas Hawk

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Before he was a movie star, to make ends meet, Arnold worked in construction. At the time he was trying to make it as a bodybuilder, but, as you would expect, Arnold didn’t do anything by halves – he started his own bricklaying business with his bodybuilding friend!

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2. Ozzy Osborne – Ozzy had a whole host of crazy jobs before he became a rock star, including a job at a slaughterhouse! When he left school at 15, he trained to be a plumber. To be frank, he’s much better suited to the world of heavy metal than that of heavy drainage.

George Harrison

Image: Gustavo Medde

3. George Harrison – Before the world of electric guitars came calling, George worked as a trainee electrician!

4. Michael Caine – Mr Caine used to be in the army and when he left the forces, he briefly became a plumber’s apprentice before he caught the acting bug. We wonder if he could still fix a leaky tap if he needed to!

Kelsey Grammer

Image Credit

5. Kelsey Grammer – When ‘Frasier’ was a struggling actor, he made ends meet by painting apartments – a far cry from his pompous character on the popular sitcom – but we guess that’s why they call it acting!

Joe Manganiello

Image: Gage Skidmore

6. Joe Manganiello – Star of Magic Mike and True Blood, this muscly actor kept his figure between auditions by working in construction. Lifting all those heavy bags certainly paid off!

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7. Matt Le Blanc – Matt comes from a family of tradesman – his grandfather was a carpenter and his dad was a mechanic. Before Matt became an actor, he was on course to become a carpenter. He went to vocational college and boasts of building and fitting an entire kitchen!

Whoopi Goldberg

Image: CEBImagery

8. Whoopi Goldberg – The only lady on the list, it might surprise you to learn that Whoopi worked as a bricklayer before she became a mega movie star!

Sean Connery

Image: RV1864

9. Sean Connery – This James Bond was also a bricklayer for a short time before he hit the screens. Next time you need some bricks laid, be friendly to the tradesmen – they could be the next big thing!

Elvis Presley

Image Credit

10. Elvis Presley – Before he started electrifying young women around the world, Elvis worked as an electrician’s helper. Someone definitely noticed he had a spark!

11. Harrison Ford – Today, Ford is a world-famous movie star, but once upon a time he blended right into the woodwork! Yes, you guessed it, he trained as a carpenter. He actually got his big break because George Lucas hired him to fit some cabinets in his house!

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Image credit: Eric Fischer

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Kitchen Tap

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Your Ultimate Guide to Home Automation and Smart Homes
Your Ultimate Guide to Home Automation and Smart Homes

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular as they become more cost-effective and accessible on a wide scale. Here at Bidvine, in response to this, we’re seeing a rising demand in consumer requests for professionals that can install home automation features. These requests range from setting up entire smart home systems to installing individual devices and even helping to set up smart home hubs like Google Home and Alexa Echo smart speakers.

Until recently, installing automatised equipment was previously split between different traditional trades. However, with this ever-increasing rise in demand, it’s become essential for professionals to keep their skills up to date in regards to home automation.

“Although the smart home services industry is still in its infancy, it’s currently worth £2.2 billion a year, a figure that’s forecast to grow to £48 billion per year by 2020,” said Sohrab Jahanbani, Founder and CEO of

“In recent years, we’ve seen big retailers offer these services to customers buying smart home devices that either includes a set-up charge from the retailer or it’s a hidden fee that absorbed into the price. However, the surge in demand presents local professionals the perfect opportunity to offer their services at a much more competitive rate while still offering an attractive profit margin.”

“The key for experienced tradespeople in specific fields is to develop and expand their established skills,” said Sohrab Jahanbani. “For example, locksmith professionals will find learning smart lock and smart home security equipment installation skills that much easier.”

“But at the same time, we’re noticing an increased demand for smart home installation generalists who know how to synchronise overall systems. For example, this year we’ve seen over 400 requests from people looking for help with setting up their new Alexa Echo and Google Home devices, with an average payment of £50 per hour.”

Ready to book a home automation specialist? Click here to compare home automation costs and hire a top professional!

What is a Smart Home?

Smart homes are increasing in popularity nowadays mainly because of the security and convenience that they offer. With complete home automation, you can benefit from the convenience of having everything from your lawn sprinkler to your security system and your TV automated. You can then easily control and manage all of these devices from a central hub. Essentially, a smart home is like having a personal assistant who has always got your back!

Not convinced? Here are a few quick benefits of smart homes:

  • Easy and fun to manage
  • They’re convenient
  • Make your home safer
  • Keep your home more comfortable
  • They save you money

To learn even more about these benefits simply keep reading. We’ll take an in-depth look at home automation benefits in the next few sections.

How to Get Started?

A smart home consists of several smart products. Any traditional home can be converted into a smart home by installing smart products and then linking them with each other. With professional help, you can install smart products quickly and easily.

After installation, the specialist will walk you through the setup so that you can easily manage all of the devices they’ve set up for you. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to manage each of the devices from a central smart hub.

Many devices also have apps that you can easily access remotely from your phone, whether you want to check in on your security cameras or just make sure you turned off the lights.

Home Automation

Image Credit


When deciding which parts of your home to automate begin by considering your priorities and what will help to save your time, effort, and also money by minimising energy usage. For instance, you might prioritise entertainment in the living room with a smart TV, or you could focus on energy efficiency by installing a smart thermostat to optimise your heating. more

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