Bidvine Inspired Me to Become a Better Photographer

February 25, 2021

Nigel Chapman


As a photographer with 15 years experience Nigel Chapman turned to Bidvine to find new leads and book photography clients. Though skeptical at first Nigel decided to give Bidvine a try and since September he’s been hired 20 times, despite the challenges of the pandemic. 

We sat down with him, virtually, to learn more about how he found success with Bidvine during uncertain times.

Nigel Chapman Photography

Getting Started With Bidvine

“I looked at Bidvine and I thought I wonder if I can make this work,” using the discount on the first bundle he purchased and the Tide Member Perk, Nigel first took time to learn more about connecting with clients on Bidvine.

“I thought, I’ll use that money and I’ll tweak my system a bit, try and understand the booking patterns and how people are, and that was brilliant.”

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Adapt to Short Wedding Photoshoots

With the challenges of the pandemic and restrictions on weddings, a key part of Nigel’s strategy for success was to adapt his pricing and bookings to focus on the demand for shorter weddings. 

“My day rate is usually £1500’, before the pandemic, ‘I’d never shot a wedding for £200 or £300. I love the 1-2 hour weddings, it’s a great adventure. 

I just wanted to work and be creative, I couldn’t sit still. So I took a bit of a hit on the time and stayed in business.”

Nigel Chapman Photography

Photo Credit - Nigel Chapman Photography

Becoming a Better Photographer With Bidvine

Nigel shared that working on shorter wedding photoshoots also presented him with an opportunity to expand his skills.

“I’ve gotten better at what I do since I’ve worked with Bidvine especially on the video side because I’m doing so much of it.”

He now offers expanded packages with videography for his wedding photography clients, “Someone comes to me and says I need a photographer for 1 or 2 hours are you free? I can film the ceremony footage on a separate camera with a microphone and I can also do a mini film of clips of the 2 or 3 hour wedding day.”

With travel restrictions this has helped Nigel’s clients to easily share their wedding with family across the world.

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Keep Busy During Lockdowns

During lockdown, Nigel’s kept busy with photo editing and is continuing to fill his calendar for when restrictions are lifted.

“I’ve just finished catching up with all my Bidvine editing and I haven’t done a shoot for Bidvine since the 28th of December so that tells you how busy I’ve been.

The whole of November I was catching up on all my editing from Bidvine. I didn’t work a day picking up a camera I’d had so many weddings I shot. I’ve been flat out.

All my weddings are now postponed until March. In the meantime I’m still bidding on your site because I think it’s superb.”

Nigel shared these tips for how to keep busy during lockdown:

  • Update social media accounts like Instagram
  • Build your portfolio of images on your Bidvine profile
  • Get reviews, it’s easy to use Bidvine to ask past customers for a review

Nigel Chapman Photography

Photo Credit - Nigel Chapman Photography

Work to What The Client Needs

When you have a lead, it’s important to be quick with your reply, “If someone gets in touch get back to them as soon as you can whether that’s a Sunday night at 10 o’clock or a Monday morning at 7. Send them some info if they view your bid, when it comes up on your phone, and if they’ve got a number call it.

A third of my work I’ve got because I’ve probably phoned up. If you can speak to someone then you’re in the door.”

Use the Bidvine App For Professionals to reply fast

To make it easy to get back to customers fast, Nigel recommends the Bidvine App, “if I’m out and about, if I’m out on my bike and it pings I could be in the middle of nowhere, as long as I’ve got wifi I’ve got a virtual office.”

Nigel’s tips for connecting with customers over the phone:

  • Be personable
  • Share information about your photography experience
  • Highlight your reviews
  • Invite them to take a look at your profile for a portfolio of images and films

What Stands Out From Your Photoshoots With Clients on Bidvine?

“I’ve felt privileged to help these people because they’ve loved it.”

Interested in booking a photoshoot with Nigel? Click here to visit Nigel's Bidvine Profile.

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