80-90% of Owen’s Photography Clients Come Through Bidvine (VIDEO)

January 21, 2021

As a photographer, constantly finding new clients can be time-consuming and securing on-going work can be difficult. That’s where Bidvine comes in. As a freelance photographer, Owen Harvey has tried and tested all the options out there until he finally found one that actually works.

80-90% of My Works Come From Bidvine 

As Owen said, ‘I’ve tried many different platforms but Bidvine has been the most competitively priced—but when you add to that the support and the easy to use interface, it’s a no-brainer. Probably 80-90% of my work comes from Bidvine. For me, Bidvine really works, it's a wonderful platform and I would recommend it to anyone.’

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Bidvine Leads to Repeat Business

As well as winning business from photography leads on Bidvine. By providing top-notch services to customers, Owen has also grown his business with referrals and repeat work directly from customers. 

'Since first using Bidvine and winning clients, provided I go and do my service properly and to their expectations, there's been a number of occasions where I've actually had repeat business from those clients and I've also had referrals as well.'

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Top 23 Unusual Wedding Venues in the United Kingdom

It’s not every day you marry the love of your life, so why not make the day truly unique? Traditional wedding venues are all well and good but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, this is the post for you. We’ve pulled together our top 23 unusual wedding venues across the UK to inspire you! Then simply click here to book a wedding photographer to ensure you capture every memory at your venue!

When you’re planning your wedding, remember that it’s important for your wedding photographer to see your venue before your big day. We recently consulted a Bidvine pro, Edwin Louis, to find out why you should visit your wedding venue with your photographer before you walk down the aisle, read more here.

Read on to find out our top 23 unusual wedding venues in the UK. 

9 Unique Wedding Venues in England

1. Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Image Credit

To kick off our list of unusual wedding venues, we’re heading to the ancient Roman Baths in Bath. Whether you’d like a morning or evening wedding, the Roman Baths can accommodate your tastes. Reserve the Great Bath, the Pump Room, or both, to make your wedding picture perfect. Your wedding photographer is sure to love the architecture of the Baths, which will only add to the photos of your special day.

Location: Bath

Capacity: up to 80 guests

2. National Space Centre

National Space Centre

Image Credit

We’re sure that your guests will be impressed if you invite them to your wedding at the National Space Centre in Leicester! During your reception, you’ll be surrounded by stars and the museum’s exhibits.

Head to the planetarium for your ceremony and then dine in the reception room with your friends and family. They offer different tiers of wedding packages, so there is an option for every budget. Your wedding planner will be able to help you choose what’s best for you.

Location: Leicester

Capacity: up to 190 guests

3. Pines Calyx

Pines Calyx

Image Credit

For the couple looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly venue, the Pines Calyx is the ideal wedding venue. The building’s chalk walls echo the symbolic chalk cliffs of Dover.

To make your day as special as possible, the Pines Calyx hosts only one wedding per day. That means that your wedding will be in complete privacy and the staff’s attention will be entirely dedicated to you. If you’re looking to host only your reception at the Pines Calyx, they can accommodate that, as well!

Location: Dover

Capacity: up to 80 guests

4. Preston Court

Preston Court

Image Credit

The Kent Barn at Preston Court is a quirky venue that can be customised to almost any theme you can think of. It is a 17th-century barn perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, vow renewals, and more! Kent Barn originally stored farm equipment, but now it’s ready to host the wedding of your dreams. Complete with a dance floor, stage area, and table service, what more could you want in a wedding venue?

Location: Kent

Capacity: up to 120 for a ceremony, up to 250 guests for a reception

5. Victoria Baths

Victoria Baths

Image Credit

This venue is a Grade II* listed building and has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. Victoria Baths offers many different spaces for ceremonies and suggests that receptions take place in the former Males Second Class pool. This is a unique venue that your guests are sure to remember!

Location: Manchester

Capacity: enquire for details

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Your Complete Guide on How to Prepare Your Baby for Photos

Figuring out how to prepare your baby for a photo shoot can be stressful. So, to help reduce your stress we’ve put together this collection of top tips on how to prepare your baby for photos. That way instead of spending your time fretting about the photo shoot you can focus on spending time with your newborn bundle of joy.

All set to book a baby photo shoot? Click here to submit a free request and find top baby photographers in your area!

How to Prepare Your Baby For Photos

Schedule Ahead of Time

Image Credit

Schedule Ahead of Time

It is important that you schedule your photography session ahead of time. If you would like a newborn photo shoot, in particular, many photographers recommend that the session takes place within the first two weeks after birth.

During your baby’s first two weeks they will be more likely to sleep through the session. This will allow your photographer to capture all of those adorable sleepy newborn photos you are looking for.

As it is ideal to have a newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks after birth, it is important to book your photography session beforehand. If you wait until after your baby is born there is a chance that your photographer may be all booked up within those first two weeks.

So, to ensure that your photo shoot goes smoothly and to reduce your stress, it is best to book ahead of time.

Bidvine Tip: Check out this article for inspiration on the best baby photography ideas. Then you can discuss these with your baby photographer ahead of time.

Keep Baby Warm

Image Credit

Keep Baby Warm

An important aspect of ensuring a smooth photo shoot is keeping your baby warm and toasty throughout the session.

Hosting the photo shoot in your home? Some photographers recommend that it is best to keep the temperature on the warmer side at around 28 Celsius. This will help to keep your baby warm, especially if you plan on taking any photos where they won’t have a blanket.

Another top way to keep your baby toasty during a home photo shoot is to heat up blankets periodically in your dryer.

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10 Top Baby Photo Poses for Spectacular Baby Pictures

Hunting around for baby photography ideas for your baby’s photo shoot? Then look no further! To help you plan out your baby’s professional photo shoot we’ve gathered a collection of the top baby photo poses for the most spectacular baby pictures.

When planning your photo shoot it is highly important to work with a professional baby photographer. Due to the weight of the baby’s head and the angles of some poses, multiple pictures are often necessary. This allows the parents to support the baby properly. These shots are then photoshopped together to create the illusion of a single cohesive photo. So, it is important that you don’t attempt to take posed baby photos without the help of a professional photographer.

Yet, this collection of poses is still a fun way to gather some top ideas to bring up with your photographer! That way you and your photographer can plan your ideal photo shoot with ease.

1. Just the Toes

Your baby is precious, so naturally, you want to capture every aspect of them from their nose right to their toes. There are a few different ways to capture a delightful photo of your baby’s toes. One option is to let them assume a natural pose while they are sleeping and then capture a picture of their tiny toes.

Gavin Mills Photography

Image Credit: Gavin Mills, a Professional on Bidvine

Alternatively, for a more posed photo then you can hold your baby’s feet while they are lying comfortably, this will allow your photographer to capture a winning shot.

Are you not sure where to find a professional photographer near you? Bidvine can help connect you with trusted baby photographers in your area.

2. In a Basket

Posing your baby in a basket creates the quintessential baby photo. To ensure that the baby is comfortable in the basket, fill the basket with a cosy blanket first. That way they will stay warm and toasty throughout the photo shoot. Plus, the blanket will also add a natural touch of warmth to the picture.

Baby in a Basket

Image Credit

3. Head on Hands Sleeping

A photo of your baby with their head resting on their hands as they sleep is a classic must for any collection. Once your baby is comfortably settled in you can have your photographer take the pictures from a variety of angles. For instance, they could take a picture from a distance to capture your entire baby in the photo. Then, they could also take a close-up just like the photograph depicts here.

Bobby Genev Photographer

Image Credit: Bobby Genev, a Professional on Bidvine

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